May 13 - May 19 2002

Skopje, May 20th, 2002

Security and political situation

Police patrols at the "St. Bogorodica" monastery in Matejce.
Ethnically mixed police patrols are patrolling around the monastery complex of "St. Bogorodica" near the Kumanovo village of Matejce. The patrols are escorted by OSCE and NATO representatives.

Police enters in all Tetovo villages.
The ethnically mixed police patrols entered in all villages in the Tetovo area. The last villages where the police entered were Trebos, Palatnica, Ozorniste and Semsevo. The process of reintegration of all communities in the crisis Tetovo area is completed.

Incident during an exercise of the "Lions" police unit.
Macedonian minister of interior Ljube Boskovski, shooting from an automatic grenade launcher, wounded one journalist, one interpreter and two police officers on May 15 during a tactical exercise of the special police unit "The Lions" organized in the village of Leunovo. This event inspired different comments from the media and the political parties regarding who was responsible for the incident.

Third course for the future police officers begins.
The third course for future police officers started on May 13 with selection of 275 cadets, 185 of whom are ethnic Albanians. The training of the last 250 police officers, members of the communities in Macedonia is due to be completed by the end of July of this year, which will represent fulfillment of one of the obligations from the Framework Agreement.

Positions on the elections coordinated.
The positions on the package-electoral legislation with proportional election model and six electoral units and politically independent state election commission were coordinated at the meeting between the signatories of the Framework Agreement with the US envoy for Southeast Europe James Holmes and the EU envoy Alain Le Roy, and in presence of the President Boris Trajkovski. At the meeting, the laws that will enable use of the Albanian language in the public life were also coordinated. Total of 16 laws were coordinated at the meeting, all of them adopted by the government at its May 14 session, except the Law for passports.

The Party for Democratic Prosperity with new president.
The Central Assembly of the PDP adopted the resignation by Imer Imeri and elected the former party president Abdurahman Aliti for new leader on May 11 in Kumanovo.

Former NLA leader Ali Ahmeti to create political party.
According to the latest information, the former NLA leader Ali Ahmeti will create a new political party named Democratic Movement for Integration, headquartered in Skopje. The goal of the party will be to speed up the implementation of the Ohrid Accord, to enhance the trust among the Macedonians and the Albanians and to bring the country in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

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