29 October - 4 Novermber 2001

Skopje, November 5th, 2001

Security situation

The Curfew in Kumanovo terminated.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs, taking into consideration the stabilized security condition in the municipality of Kumanovo has terminated the limited movement of the citizens in the aforementioned area.

The police shall patrol the area around the clock.
The mixed patrols together with representatives of OSCE and NATO started patrolling the five pilot villages in the crises region on 22nd October. Beginning from 29th October the patrols shall cover the area twenty-four hours a day, excluding the village of Tearce. The police patrol does not enter in this village yet, in the area inhabited by ethnic Albanians only.

Shots in Kumanovo and Tetovo Region.
On 3rd October, according to police sources, near the village Ljubodrag, Kumanovo region, five detonations were heard the cause of which is still unknown. Armed groups attacked the police point near Ratae, but there are no injured. Police station attacked. According to the Macedonian language media, on November 3rd , the police station in the Tetovo village Miletino was attacked by a group of armed persons. There are no injured among the policemen.

NATO vehicle pounces on a mine.
On 31st October transport vehicle of the German soldiers from the contingent of the Task Force Amber Fox smashed a mine, on the road between Slupchane and Alashevce. There are no injured soldiers, yet the vehicle is damaged.

Opposed opinions concerning the demolished houses in Opae.
The Macedonian media write that more than 48 houses, property of the ethnic Macedonian and ethnic Serbian citizens, are demolished and burnt down in the village Opae, Kumanovo region. The president of the local municipality office in Opae, Redzep Sachiri, claims that the military and police forces that were present in the village 170 days have stolen the furniture from the houses. 1.900 ethnic Albanians and 211 ethnic Macedonians and Serbs live in Opae.

Political situation

The amendment to the Constitution supported.
On 31st October, after two postponements of the meeting, the Constitutional Commission has supported the three proposed amendments that refer to the constitutional article, for the position of the religious communities and rights to the representatives of the same. PDP did not support the amendments passed from the proposal of the constitutional alterations, the President Mr. Boris Trajkovski. It is expected that the amendments will be adopted no later than 8th November, and the passing of the same to be realized on 12th November.

Parliament Session Continued.
On 1st November the 86th Parliament session continued where the issue of proposed amendment for the constitutional change has been viewed. The representatives of the VMRO-DPMNE were not attending the session, as they claimed, due to the worsened Security State in the country.

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