April 1 - April 7 2002

Skopje, April 8th, 2002

Security and political situation

Ethnically mixed police patrols enter in the problematic villages.
On April 1, the ethnically mixed police patrols entered in the Tetovo village of Selce. On April 2, the police patrols also entered in the villages Sipkovica, Gajre, Lisec, Vesala, Bozovce, Brodec and Selce. A day before, the police patrols were prevented from entering at these villages. On April 2, the ethnically mixed police patrols entered in the Kumanovo village of Slupcane. Complete (24 hour) patrolling is currently taking place in 65 (out of 130) villages.

Attempt for assassination of the DPA vice-president.
On April 3, an armed group attacked the restaurant "Dora", an alternative head-office of the DPA party. The restaurtant is owned by Menduh Thaci, vice-president of the DPA, who was alegedly target of an assassination. In the incident, in which a mortar was used, one person was injured and several vehicles were damaged. According to the Ministry of Interior, an investigation was launched against a former police inspector, ethnic Albanian, who is suspected for this incident.

Police station in Skopje attacked.
On April 4, unidentified persons opened fire on the Bit Pazar police station in Skopje. No one was injured and only material damage was cased in the attack.

Convoy organized for Tanusevci, Brest and Malino.
In organization of the Crisis Management Center, and with NATO escort, about 50 citizens from the villages Tanusevci, Brest and Malino paid a visit to their homes after 13 months.

The European Commission asked for demobilization of the special unit "Lions".
 On April 4, the European Commission from Brussels announced the first report for the stabilizartion and association process. Macedonia is expected to disband the special police unit "Lions", accused of inhuman conduct. Also, Macedonia is due to carry out radical reforms in the media sector.

New NATO ambassador to Macedonia.
On April 1, the new NATO ambassador, the Dutch - Nick Bickman, arrived in Macedonia. This is in context to the possible takeover of the NATO "Amber Fox" mission command by Holland.


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