March 11 - March 17 2002

Skopje, March 18th, 2002

Security and political situation

Curfew in Tetovo cancelled.
On March 11, following an order of the Minister of Interior, the curfew in the Tetovo area was cancelled. The curfew was in force from 23.00h to 05.00h.

Police patrols reestablished after several-day break.
On March 11, after a several-day long pause, the ethnically mixed police patrols escorted by OSCE, EUMM and NATO "Amber Fox" mission representatives continued with the patrolling in the Tetovo villages Celopek, Radiovce, Tenovo, Zerovjane, Bogovinje and Pirok. The police patrols entered for the first time in the villages Sinicane, Dolno Palciste, Gorno Sedlarce and Kamenjane. The ethnically mixed police patrols also entered in Mala Recica on March 15.

10 amnestied persons released.
Following the adoption of the Amnesty Law, 10 persons were released from prison on March 12. Among the released persons is Semi Hebibi, who was suspected for the assault on the police station in Tearce in January 2001. Hebibi was recently extradited from Germany based on request from the Macedonian authorities. The total number of amnestied persons that should be released is about 300. The Skopje Trial Court signed a decision for amnestying of the former political leader of NLA, Ali Ahmeti, the NLA ideologist Fazli Veliu and the ex-deputy in the parliament, Hisni Shakiri.

Ethnically mixed police patrols enter in Radusa.
Representatives of the villagers of Radusa in talks with the NATO ambassador in Macedonia Klaus Follers allowed redeployment of the ethnically mixed police patrols to the village. The Radusa representatives demanded several villagers to be included in the reserve police composition. The police is returning to Radusa after seven month-long absence.

Robertson will not contact with the Coordination Council of the Albanians.
NATO Secretary General George Robertson said he did not plan to contact with the Coordination Council of the Albanians. If they try to create parallel structures in Macedonia, that will be condemned.

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