15 - 21 October 2001

Skopje, October 22nd, 2001

Security situation

A dissimilar information for the bringing in of ex-NLA members.
The Albanian newspaper "Fakti" reports that after the amnesty for NLA members had been announced by the president of state Boris Trajkovski, the police had brought in a total of 20 ex-NLA members since October 10. The Ministry for Internal Affairs has declined this information.

Police checkpoints attacked.
According to the information given by the Crisis Management Center, on October 16, in the Ljuboten region, in "Ljuboten sheep pens", shots have been fired towards the Macedonian security forces checkpoint. Shots have also been fired towards the police checkpoint near the village of Ropajce.

The displaced persons convoy prevented to return to Matejce.
On October 17, international monitors who were supposed to check the terrain in the village of Matejce before the displaced persons convoy with ethnic Serbs entered, contacted armed ethnic Albanians. The two monitors headed towards the collective centre in Kumanovo, where the convoy was supposed to come from, and told the displaced persons that the convoy will not set off. The displaced persons physically attacked the foreign monitors, and stoned their vehicle.

A judical procedure against members of the Macedonian Army started.
The Ministry of Defence had started a judical procedure against 30 members of the Army reserve. Evidence show that they have taken part in the demolishing of the object in the Popova Sapka weekend locality.

The police will enter five "pilot-villages".
On October 17, The Coordination Crises Management Body had reached a decision to organize a return of the Security Forces in the crisis regions, together with the OSCE and EU monitoring missions. The return to the first five villages is due to be on October 22 in the villages of Lesok, Tearce, Grusino, Opae and Lopate. On October 19, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ljube Boskovski stated that the return of the Security Forces in the crisis regions on October 22 can not be carried out because armed persons are present.

Political situation

Another three amendments arranged.
The President of Republic of Macedonia Boris Trajkovski on October 15 had informed the President of Parliament by letter that another three amendments are arranged, which would join the six previously delivered amendments. President Trajkovski warned that if Parliament blockage continues, he might give up his role as a constitutional amendment advisor. A third postponement of the constitutional commission session. The constitutional issues commission session was postponed for the third time of October 17 because of the absence of members of Parliament from the Albanian parties PDP and DPA.

Foreign diplomats visit Skopje.
On October 18, Javier Solana, The EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, George Robertson, NATO's General Secretary, Mircea Geoana, Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and General Joseph Ralston, supreme NATO commander, arrived on a two-day visit of Skopje. They came in order to assist the de-blockade of the peace process. As they stated, EU, NATO and OSCE have finished their part of the job, and now the Macedonian Government and Parliament are expected to do the same.

The Albanian course-attendants return to the training center.
The one hundred and ninety course-attendants, who attended the three-month training course in the Centre for Educating Security Personnel, together with their American instructors, returned to the Idrizovo centre after being absent for one week.

Two primary school principals and 70 teachers from the three high schools fired.
The Ministry of Education and Science, in the Kumanovo region, fired the principals of the primary schools "Bajram Shabani" and "Naim Fraseri", in Kumanovo, because they allowed the classrooms of these schools to be used for self-organized education of the high-school students, ethnic Albanians. 70 ethnic Albanian professors from the three high schools have also been fired, because they taught in another object. Also, the Minister had suggested that the students should go to their classes, because otherwise they will lose their right to have a diploma at the end of the school year.

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