10 - 16 September 2001

Skopje, September 17th , 2001

Security situation

A convoy of displaced persons in Tetovo region.
On September 10th, the Coordination Body for Crisis Management organized a convoy for displaced persons who paid a visit to their homes in Neprosteno, Lesok, Tearce and Vratnica. The convoy was escorted by an OSCE team. Near the city stadium in Tetovo, from direction of the Drenovec 2 district, sniper fire was opened on the convoy forcing it to stop, but after a short period it proceeded to Vratnica. Police officer wounded. On September 11th a convoy for Ratae was organized. One police officer who escorted the convoy was wounded in a gunfire coming from the village of Semsevo.

Sporadic provocations in the Tetovo region.
According to police and army sources, on September 16th the NLA members opened fire from the region of Ratae-Neprosteno. No members of the security forces were wounded in the attack.

The bomb attacks against civic buildings continue.
On September 10th, a hand-grenade was thrown on the roof of a shop in Tetovo. The explosion caused material damage but no one was injured. On September 11th, in the yard of two companies in Bit Pazar district three vehicles were destroyed in a bomb explosion. On September 13th in Skopje, a house in the Radisani district was bombed for second time.

Protest rally of the Association of Macedonian Immigrants in the U.S.
On September 12th the American-Macedonian Association from the U.S. organized a protest against the adoption of the Framework Agreement. They demanded security to be provided on the entire territory of Macedonia, displaced persons to return to their homes and all kidnapped persons to be released.

Changes of the curfew in Kumanovo and Tetovo.
The Ministry of Interior cancelled the order from July 18th of this year for limited movement from 01.00h to 05.00h in Kumanovo. On September 14th the Ministry passed a new decision according to which the curfew is on force from 23.00h to 05.00h. In Tetovo municipality the curfew is on force from 23.30h to 05.00h.

Political situation

The proposal for opening referendum accepted.
The proposal for opening a referendum, submitted by the parliamentary group of New Democracy party is on the agenda of the 83d Assembly session, which will take place on September 17th. Originally, the meeting was scheduled for September 13th. This initiative should enable the citizens to speak their mind regarding the changes to the Constitution, determined in the Framework Agreement.

The second phase of the weaponry collection ends.
After Radusa and Brodec, the second phase of the operation "Essential Harvest" ended in the village of Otlja near Kumanovo. This completed the second phase of the collection of weapons from the NLA members, from whom total of 1,271 pieces of weapons were collected. Commander of the Task Force Harvest Gunar Lunge handed over a letter to President Trajkovski, reporting that two thirds of the NLA weapons have been collected.

Session of the Security Council of the Republic of Macedonia.
At the meeting held on September 12th, the Security Council estimated that the NATO mission "Essential Harvest" should end according to the plan and within its mandate, while in the next period the authorized bodies of the Republic of Macedonia should continue the coordination with NATO and KFOR.

Visit by Geoana and Robertson.
On September 14th, NATO Secretary General George Robertson and OSCE Chairman Mircea Geoana paid a visit to Macedonia. The talks were focused on the completion of the second phase of the operation by Task Force Harvest for collection of weapons from the NLA. The returning of displaced persons to their homes, which is taking place under monitoring by OSCE, EU and local monitors was pointed out as main priority.

Peace concert in Tetovo.
On September 15th, in organization by the Avalon production and Macedonian Media Front, a peace concert named "Rock and Roll Class" took place in Tetovo. About six thousand Tetovo citizens attended the event at the city square. This is the first mass gathering after the six-month clashes in the Tetovo region.

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