April 8 - April 14 2002

Skopje, April 15th, 2002

Security and political situation


The exhumation of the civilians from Ljuboten begins.
On April 8, teams of the Hague Tribunal for War Crimes and of the Macedonian police started with exhumation of 10 bodies, ethnic Albanians, from Ljuboten, who died in august of the last year. Two bodies were exhumed on April 8, and two more on April 11.

Displaced persons from Lipkovo region ask for temporary colonies.
Since the efforts of the displaced ethnic Macedonians and Serbs from the Lipkovo region to pay a visit to their homes have been ending unsuccessfully, they asked from the mayor of Kumanovo municipality to provide them a location where a temporary colony would be built.

The DPA temporarily exited from the Coordination Council of the Albanians.
On April 9, the Democratic Party of the Albanians left from the meeting of the Coordination Council of the Albanians due to the refusal of the PDP and NDP to denounce the attack on the alternative head office of the DPA in Tetovo which happened on April 3. Another meeting of the Council took place on April 10, but without DPA members.

The Law for disarmament approved.
On April 9, the Macedonian Government approved the Law for disarmament. The disarmament would take place based on a public call, and the people who illegally possess weaponry ought to surrender it in period of 45 days. If they do not do that they would be sanctioned according to the law.


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