5 - 11 Novermber 2001

Skopje, November 12th, 2001

Security situation

Patrolling in the pilot-villages continues.
On November 5 the phase, M+9 was realized in the village of Lesok. This phase includes entry of motorized and pedestrian patrols who will operate in the area from 10,00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. These patrols will carry out limited control of traffic regulations and identification of local population. The phase M+7 is ongoing in Opae, Lopate and Grusino, while in Tearce only the phase M+1 is applied, which includes patrols only in the parts of the village populated by mixed population.

Several incidents after few months of truce. Civilian kidnapped.
According to the Macedonian language media, on November 5, a citizen of Ratae village, ethnic Macedonian, was kidnapped in one of the Tetovo districts. This person was released several hours later, all beaten up. According to his statement, the persons who kidnapped him were NLA members.

Police checkpoint attacked.
On November 7, a hand-grenade was thrown on police post on the Gostivar-Cegrane road. No one was injured in this incident. Hand-grenades discovered. On November 7, in the locality Ribnica near the village of Grkaj, the Macedonian Army discovered 14 hand-grenades.

Security forces' post attacked.
According to the Ministry of Defense, on November 9 armed persons attacked a post of the security forces located near the Tetovo fortress. In the attack, one member of the reserve Army composition, ethnic Macedonian Muslim, was injured. The post was attacked from Lavce and Strmno. The Center for Media Activity reported that the security forces' post in Ramniste near Jegunovce was also attacked on November 10 from Orasje and Neraste.

Operation of special police forces in Neprosteno.
On November 11, special police teams started moving toward the village of Neprosteno, where the alleged mass-grave of six kidnapped ethnic Macedonians is located. The Special Forces entered in that region in order to secure the terrain and to enable inspection of the region and exhumation of the mass grave. The teams of EU, NATO and OSCE have no mandate to participate in exhumation.

Seven former NLA members detained.
According to the Ministry of Interior, the special police troops detained seven persons, former NLA members, during control of two vehicles on the road Drebos-Neprosteno. The police discovered weaponry in the vehicles.

Three members of the Special Forces killed.
Armed persons attacked with mortar fire a special police patrol as soon as it entered in the village of Trebos. In the attack, three members of the Special Forces were killed and one was wounded. The incident occurred at the road that leads to the villages Zilce, Ratae, Siricino, Vratnica and Jegunovce.

Kidnapped civilians.
As a response to the detaining of former NLA members, armed Albanians kidnapped 16 civilians, ethnic Macedonians, from a bus that traveled on relation Jegunovce-Tetovo. A woman and two children were released a bit later. Unofficially, the number of kidnapped persons is about sixty, and they are being detained in Semsevo village.

Political situation

Separate meetings of the Albanian parties' leaders with Ahmeti and Le Roy.
The leaders of the Albanian political parties that participate in the Macedonian Parliament, DPA, PDP and NDP, realized a meeting with ex-leader of NLA Ali Ahmeti. The Macedonian language media reported that at this meeting a joint position was reached that the suggested text of the Preamble should suffer changes. On the other hand, the Albanian daily "Fakti" reported that participants at the meeting expressed different opinions at the meeting. The DPA agrees with the offered text of the Preamble, suggested by President Trajkovski with facilitation from Solana, without to reject the possibility for making additional changes. The PDP and NDP do not agree with this and suggest new variants for the text of the Preamble. On November 5, the leaders of these parties met with EU envoy to Macedonian Alain Le Roy. At the meeting, the PDP leader offered new text of the Preamble.

Parliament debate on the constitutional amendments continues.
On November 5, the 86th session of the Parliament focused on the adoption of the 15 amendments to the Constitution continued. The debate was focused on the first point from the agenda - the text of the Preamble. On November 6, the Parliament discussed on the fourth, fifth and sixth amendment. On November 6, Colin Powell expressed support for the new text of the Preamble and the amendment for the religious communities.

George Robertson and Mircea Geoana pay a visit to Macedonia.
On November 7, NATO Secretary General George Robertson and OSCE Chairman Mircea Geoana paid a visit to Macedonia. During their stay, they realized meetings with the Macedonian State leadership. Robertson outlined that the Parliament ought to adopt the constitutional amendments within the agreed timeframe. The two western diplomats, together with the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Justice and the Public Prosecutor talked about the amnesty. Ion that context, the Macedonian ministers and the public prosecutor promised to help in the passing of the amnesty for the former NLA members. Prime Minister Georgievski said that this Government would not pass a Law for amnesty.

Independent commission for missing persons established.
On November 9, special EU envoy to Macedonia Alain Le Roy hailed the appointment of Swedish Ambassador Lars Norberg for President of an independent commission for missing persons. The mandate of this independent commission will be to ensure transparency and exchange of information about the missing persons in Macedonia.

Continuation of the 86th parliament session postponed.
Assembly Chairman Stojan Andov has postponed the continuation of the 86th Parliament session scheduled for November 12. He passed this decision because the PDP said it would not participate in the Parliament work.

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