22 - 28 October 2001

Skopje, October 29th, 2001

Security situation

Police has returned in five villages.
On 22 October security forces entered the villages of Tearce, Leshok, Lopate, Opae and Grushino. The police patrols comprise three Macedonians and three ethnic Albanians. In the villages, together with the police OSCE, EU and NATO representatives entered. On October 25 mixed police patrol has been hindered to enter the part of the village inhabited by ethnic Albanians.

Police office and municipal building bombed.
On 22 October after police forces departed from Tearce, unidentified individuals have bombed the police office and the municipal building. A great material damage has been done.
Part of the abducted Macedonians are probably alive. According to Macedonian language daily Dnevnik, part of the twelve abducted Macedonians that had been abducted by extremists three months ago have been murdered and buried in a mass grave. Crisis Management Center says it has no information for the existence of such mass grave. President Trajkovski has sent a letter to Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Carla del Ponte, to NATO General Secretary George Robertson and to Hugh EU Commissioner Javier Solana in order to urge an investigation on the issue. Albanian language daily Fakti published the former commander Leka's statement saying that all abducted civilians detained by the NLA have been released.

Police officer wounded.
On 28 October armed individuals have attacked the police checkpoint by the Tetovo cableway and one police officer was wounded. According to Tetovo Interior Sector, armed individuals have opened fire from the Tetovsko Tekje, Drenovec 2, Shipad, Block 82 as well as from other locations.

Political situation

Constitutional Commission has supported nine proposal-amendments.
On 22 October members of Constitutional Commission supported four proposal-amendments submitted by constitutional reforms proposer, President Trajkovski. These amendments refer to the use of language, participation of community member into public administration, ways of adopting laws referring to interethnic issues and the amendment referring to National Ombudsman. On 23 October the Constitutional Commission has supported five other proposal-amendments. President Trajkovski on 24 October submitted three more amendments referring to the protection of cultural identity and the rights of community members, protection and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as the procedure on election of Constitutional Court judges.

President Trajkovski met with EU special envoy.
On 24 October President Trajkovski met with the new EU Special Envoy to Macedonia Allan Le Roy, who replaced Francois Leotard. As Envoy Le Roy stated, his main task in Macedonia would be the quick approval of the Framework Agreement.

Georgievski and Boshkovski meet with families of abducted civilians.
On 25 October Prime Minister Georgievski and Interior Minister Boshkovski had a meeting with the families of the Macedonians abducted by the NLA. The Prime Minister and Interior Minister have pledged to the families that the Framework Agreement would not be passed until the abducted are released.

Javier Solana and four leaders reached an agreement on the Preamble text.
EU High Commissioner Javier Solana arrived on 26 October and met with leaders of four main parliament parties co-signers of the Ohrid Agreement. They reached an agreement on the text of the new preamble, as follows: "Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian people, as well as citizens living within the borders of Macedonia, who are parts of the Albanian people, Turkish people, Vlach people, Serbian people, Roma people, Boshnyak people and others…" President Trajkovski on 26 October submitted the last two amendments to the Assembly.

Constitutional Commission sessions postponed.
Assembly Speaker Stojan Andov has postponed Constitutional Commission sessions on 26 October, which was supposed to be held on the four new amendments submitted by President Trajkovski. According to information from the RM Assembly, the constitutional reforms are to be approved by the Assembly by 12 November.

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