8 - 14 October 2001

Skopje, October 15th, 2001

Security situation

Great quantity of weapons discovered.
On October 11th in the village of Tanuse, the Macedonian security forces discovered great quantity of weapons and ammunition, stored by the NLA members. The police discovered the weapons in the nearby forest.

Special forces member dies.
One member of the special forces "Tigers" lost his life in Mavrovo on October 11th. According to the preliminary information, this was a matter of an accident, while some media reported that he was killed by the extremists.

Monument of Macedonian educator demolished.
According to the reports of the Macedonian media, the monument near the grave of the Macedonian educator from the 19th century Kiril Pejcinovic near the monastery complex in the village of Lesok was demolished. Another Pejcinovic's monument, in the village of Tearce, was damaged on October 12th.

Villas at Popova Sapka mountain demolished.
On October 14th, approximately 500 citizens were invited to pay a visit to their villas at Popova Sapka mountain, where since the beginning of March the Macedonian security forces have been stationed. The interior of several houses has been demolished and valuable property has been stolen. The citizens were informed that charges would be filed against the security forces' members who were deployed there and the stolen property would be returned.

Political situation

The statement for amnesty for the former NLA members adopted.
On October 9th, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia supported the statement of President Boris Trajkovski regarding the amnesty for the former NLA members, which sets them free from criminal prosecution. The amnesty will not refer to the persons who committed serious criminal acts against the humanity, which is under the authority of the Hague Tribunal. The ministers from the PDP ethnic Albanian party left from the session of the Government, demanding the amnesty to be regulated by a law and not just by a statement.

Training of the future policemen - ethnic Albanians stopped.
On October 8th, 110 police cadets - ethnic Albanians, left from the Idrizovo training campus, together with their U.S. instructors. Head of the U.S. instructors said that the main reason for this was the presence of the Macedonian reservists in the Center.

The Albanian parties consider that all amendments should be adopted in package.
On October 9th, the parliamentary groups of PDP and DPA did not participate at the session of the Commission for Constitutional Affairs. They remain on their position that the parliament procedure on the draft-amendments for constitutional changes should not start without all amendments to be submitted.

New special EU envoy for Macedonia appointed.
EU Ministerial Council appointed Alain Le Roy for special EU envoy to Macedonia, who will replace Francois Leotard.

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