12 - 18 Novermber 2001

Skopje, November 19th, 2001

Security Situation

Responsibility for the murder of policemen undertaken.
The so-called Albanian National Army (ANA) took responsibility for the murder of the three members of the Macedonian Special Forces who lost their lives on November 7 near the village of Trebos.

Pilot-plan in the Tetovo area does not realize.
Since the worsening of the security situation in the area of Tetovo, on November 12 the pilot-plan did not realize in the Tetovo villages of Lesok and Tearce. The plan continues to realize in Opae, Lopate and Grusino.

Part of the Special Forces in the area of Neprosteno retreated.
On November 13, on president Boris Trajkovski's suggestion, part of the Special Police Forces has been drawn back from the post between the villages of Trebos and Neprosteno. They were replaced with NATO soldiers from the "Ember Fox" mission, that should secure the field where is supposed to be a mass grave.

Police checkpoints attacked.
On November 14, the Ministry of Interior informed about attacks on police checkpoints in several spots in the crisis areas: the village of Preljubiste from the village of Semsovo direction, near Trebos from Gepciste direction, and on the Ramniste checkpoint form Neraste and Dolno Orasje direction. According to the Ministry of Interior, shots were also registered from the villages of Matejce, Otlja, Opae and Vaksince direction.

A member of the reserve police forces kidnapped.
On November 14, a member of the reserve police forces was kidnapped by armed persons. The policeman was released the same day with NATO's intermediation.

The training of the future policecen, ethnic Albanians, stopped.
The Albanian language newspaper "Fakti" informed that the training of the future policemen, ethnic Albanians in the Idrizovo camp was stopped on November 12. On that day many members of the reserve police forces were drawn back in Idrizovo, after the events near Trebos. The American trainers decided to stop the training because of possible provocations.

Political situation

PDP's acceptance of the text of the Preamble and the religious communities amandment.
On November 12, the Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP), under pressure of the international community, agreed to vote for the text of the Preamble and religious communities amandment.

Messeges from Robertson and Solana.
NATO's Secretary General, George Robertson, on November 11 called all parties in Macedonia to stay calm after the escalation of the situation in the country. The same messege has been sent by the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, who also said that adoption of the Constitutional amendments is the only way for quick return of the confidence in Macedonia.

Ministry of Interior representatives draw back from the Coordination Body for Crisis Management.
The Ministry of Interior representatives draw back as a result of the accusations addressed to the Minister and the Ministry of Interior.

The imprisoned near Trebos are alive.
EU's special envoy in Macedonia, Alain Le Roa organized press conference, after the information of PDP and DPA that one of the seven arrested near Trebos, ethnic Albanians, is dead. He outlined that he visited the imprisoned, which are with light injures, but their life is not endangered.

Constitutional amendments adopted.
The prolongation of the Parliamentary discussion on the Constitutional amendments scheduled for November 13 did not take place because of the death of one deputy. The session continued on November 15. On November 16, after establishing and adopting of the 15 Constitutional amendments, the Parliament, with 94 votes "for" and 13 votes "against", proclaimed the Constitutional changes and they immediately wend into force.

Letter to the European three about the amnesty.
President Trajkovski, on November 16 sent a letter to Robertson, Solana and Geoana, informing them that the amnesty has been supplemented with another legal instrument - oblivion. This will include all NLA members whose cases have been processed at any stage of the procedure, for which the Minister of Justice will prepare a list until the next ween at the latest. This refers to the former NLA members who voluntarily gave the weapon till September 26, as well as those who commited crime till that date.

The mandate of a Parliamentary deputy taken away.
On November 16, the deputies in the Parliament, because of six-month absence from the Parliament, with 85 votes "for" and 3 "against" took away the mandate of the deputy Hisni Sakiri, who joined NLA in March this year.

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