19 - 25 Novermber 2001

Skopje, November 26th, 2001

Security situation

Patrols in Tearce and Lesok re-established.
After the 11 November events, when three members of the special police forces were killed in the village of Trebos, the mixed police patrols stopped their activities in the villages of Tearce and Lesok. The police patrols in these two villages were re-established on November 19. It is still not certain when the 24-hour patrolling would begin.

Explosion at the Tetovo city market.
A hand-made explosive device went off at the Tetovo city market on November 18. The strong detonation demolished the windows of the nearby shops. No one was injured, because at the time of the explosion all shops were closed. New explosions. Two hand grenades went off in front of the EU mission in Tetovo on November 20. The blast demolished the windows of several nearby buildings.

Exhumation near Dzepciste begun.
Exhumation activities at the locality between the Tetovo villages Dzepciste and Trebos began on November 21. Allegedly, bodies of six ethnic Macedonians kidnapped earlier this year, are buried in that area. Teams from the forensics institute, public prosecutor's office, Hague Tribunal, OSCE and EU, as well as patrols of the Macedonian police and NATO mission "Amber fox" are present at the location. Media presence is not allowed. A Tetovo court investigative judge said that parts of human bodies and skeletons were discovered in the region between Dzepciste and Trebos. The identification could last between four and six months.

Three persons wounded.
According to the Center for Crisis Management, on November 21, in the Kafa locality near the village of Mojance, an ARM patrol ran across six armed persons who opened fire against the soldiers. Three of these six persons were wounded in the shootout. The Albanian language media reported that these three persons were riding horses and wanted to collect firewood. The police and Army patrol opened fire, wounding them. One of the wounded is from Aracinovo and the other two are from Mojance. The mayor of Aracinovo said that the three wounded persons were transported to an ambulance in Lipkovo.

New curfew limits.
Based on an order from the Minister of Interior, the curfew in Tetovo and Aracinovo would be on force from 23,00h to 05,00h the next day. Previously, the curfew in Aracinovo started at 21,00h, and in Tetovo at 22,30h.

Political situation

Carla Del Ponte in Macedonia.
Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte arrived in Skopje on November 20. The Tribunal will launch two investigations in regard to crimes committed during the conflict in Macedonia. As Del Ponte said, the first investigation will refer to crime committed by the Macedonian security forces against civilians (the Ljuboten case) and the second investigation will include several crimes committed by NLA.

Representatives of the Ministry of Interior do not return to the Coordination Body.
At the governmental session held on November 20, the representatives of the Ministry of Interior said they would not participate in the Coordination Body.

SDSM and LDP exit from the Government.
The Social-Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) and Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) exited from the large governmental coalition on November 21. Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski submitted proposal for dismissing of the members of the Government from these two parties to the Assembly chairman. On November 22, four ministers from SDSM and LDP submitted resignations. On November 24, based on proposal from Prime Minister Georgievski, the parliament dismissed the four ministers.

Letter from President Trajkovski to the Ministry of Justice.
On November 21, President Trajkovski sent a letter to George Robertson, Javier Solana and Mircea Geoana. The President sent the same letter also to the Ministry of Justice, stating that this ministry should submit a list of individuals imprisoned for terrorism. This list should be submitted to the Amnesty Commission in the President's Cabinet.

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