March 25 - March 31 2002

Skopje, April 1st, 2002

Security and political situation

Armed clashes between so-called ANA and disbanded NLA.
On March 25 in the Tetovo community of Mala Recica, an armed clash between the so-called ANA and the disbanded NLA occurred, resulting in three dead and four wounded. The shootout in which mortars were also used lasted for four hours. among the victims is also one civilian. According to sources from the NLA, an armed group of the so-called ANA attacked the headquarters of the former NLA. Their goal was to eliminate Ali Ahmeti. Unofficially this incident occurred after the detention of three members of the so-called ANA near the village of Poroj. According to ANA, its positions were attacked by the disbanded NLA. The Macedonian police due to the insecure terrain did not carry out investigation. NATO has no concrete answer for this event; they just qualify it as incident in which firearms was used.

Police checkpoint attacked.
On March 26, a hand grenade was thrown on a police checkpoint near the graveyard in Aracinovo from a moving vehicle. No one was injured in the attack.

Police entry in Sipkovica and Lisec delayed.
On March 28 it was announced that ethnically mixed police patrols would enter in the villages Sipkovica and Lisec, but due to the incident in Mala Recica, the police redeployment to these villages was delayed. This decision was adopted at the meeting of the Coordination Body in consultations with the NATO and OSCE officials.

Ali Ahmeti elected for president of the Coordination Council of the Albanians in Macedonia.
The Coordination Council of the Albanians in Macedonia was established on February 27 in Tetovo. This body is composed by per two representatives from DPA, PDP and NDP parties and three representatives of the disbanded NLA. On March 25, Ali Ahmeti was elected for President of the Coordination Council. This body includes three working groups: for education, integration of the Albanians in the police and in the Army. The general opinion of the Macedonian public is that with this move the Albanians have created parallel government in western Macedonia.

"Is there hope for Tetovo and Tetovo area" roundtable.
A roundtable titled as "Is there hope for Tetovo and Tetovo area" took place in Tetovo on March 25. The roundtable was organized by the Block of Macedonian parties from the town. The SDSM and the parties of the ethnic Albanians did not participate at the meeting. The following were the focal points from the meeting: ending of the ethnic cleansing, returning of the displaced persons to their homes, ensuring complete family and personal security.

Holland may be on the head of the NATO mission in Macedonia.
On June 26, when Germany's mandate on the head of the NATO mission in Macedonia will officially end, it may be replaced by Holland. The Dutch army announced that it has been requested from NATO for they to take over the command of the "Amber Fox" mission.


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