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About this site: AID MACEDONIA

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The Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) begun its work on the internet site Aid Macedonia with the aim to contribute to the improvement of the information about the humanitarian aspects of the Macedonian crisis. The aim is to provide adequate information for: the needs for humanitarian aid; available and distributed aid (realized humanitarian activities); and the organizations involved in the humanitarian activity; and those information to be available for the relevant actor in the humanitarian answer to the crisis and to the general public.

The information available here is provided by MCIC (with the participation in the coordination meetings, field visits, own documents and from other sources - stated in the document itself or in the link to the respective document). The MCIC is open for cooperation and invites you to contribute to the enrichment of the contents.

MCIC keeps the right for the selection of the information which will be published . The materials which in any way provoke, inflame or promote nationalism, racism and religious intolerance, discord or restlessness, will not be published. The materials published on this site, can not be used in other places for that purposes, too. The materials (text and the photos) can be used for non-profit, academic and education purposes. For the profit purposes, there must be written permission by MCIC, or the original source of the information.

The information is published in Macedonian and English language. A part of the information and documentation is available in only one of these two languages. In these cases, that will be stated along the name or the link to the document.

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