MCIC Situation report in Macedonia no. 05/2002

February 25 - March 3, 2002

SKOPJE, March 4th, 2002


Displaced persons

According to the latest registration, the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) accommodated with host families is 14.159, while the number of IDPs accommodated in collective centres is 2.870. This is the total number of IDPs registered by the Red Cross.

According to UNHCR's data, there are about 10.000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) in Kosovo.



The distribution of food for IDPs (Intersos) and persons who have returned (AAH) is proceeding regularly through the Red Cross of Macedonia.


The World Health Organization decided to shut down two from the three temporary pharmacies, opened in August last year for distribution of medicines for the IDPs. The reason for this decision is that the number of IDPs in Skopje is very small. Only the pharmacy located in the medical center Bit Pazar in Skopje will remain open.

The Handicap International is carrying out an urgent project for distribution of orthopedic gear for the persons with special needs. The project will last for three months and is financially supported by the UNHCR.

The American Red Cross is completing the project for health education of the IDPs accommodated in host families and in collective centers.

The Solidarite has completed the activities for reconstruction of the clinics in Matejce, Nikustak and Slupcane.


Starting from April 1, the European Agency for Reconstruction will provide monthly financial reimbursement of 75 for 2,800 families that accommodated IDPs and for additional 600 families that accommodated refugees from Kosovo. The cash distribution will be carried out on every three months.


Construction of a water pipeline started at the village of Pobozje in the Cucer Sandevo municipality. The new reservoir will have capacity of 2,000 m3, and the new pump station as well as the pumps in the village have been already placed. Donor of this project is USAID.

The European Agency for Reconstruction has taken over the management with the main EU assistance projects for Macedonia. Agency's priority will be the EU Program for urgent assistance worth 26,5 million, meant for restoring of the electricity network and reconstruction of the houses in the areas impacted by the conflict.


The MPDL continues with the distribution of animal feed in the Kumanovo and Skopje areas. In Tetovo area this project is carried out by ACTED.

 Schools and education

The IMG has signed an agreement with the Italian corporation for rehabilitation of the following schools: the old school building in Matejce, the new school building in Aracinovo, and the two schools in Slupcane.

The ECHO completed the rehabilitation of the school in Poroj.

The UNICEF will provide containers for the school in Nikustak.

Humanitarian demining

No new activities in this period.




The Donors' conference for Macedonia is due to take place on March 12 in Brussels.

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