MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 4/2001

03 July - 08 July 2001

Skopje, 9th of July 2001


Displaced persons

The number of internally displaced persons (IDP) increases. According to the Macedonian Red Cross, 35,694 IDPs are registered in Macedonia, out of which 1,074 are settled in the collective centres.

Refugees return from Kosovo to Macedonia. After the ratification of the cease-fire agreements, around 1000 refugees return from Kosovo to Macedonia, each day. One of the new problems are the refugees with no documents. These refugees will probably return collectively in organization of UNHCR and IOM.

Human life impact

The water supply situation in Kumanovo and Tetovo is unchanged. In Kumanovo there is a 100 litres per second water shortage, and the city of Tetovo has 200 litres per second water flow, which covers the minimum needs of the city.

Damages caused

At present, there are no official reports of the Coordinative Body at the Macedonian Government about the damage evaluation from the conflicts in Aracinovo.



Distribution for IDP. On the 6th of July 2001, MCIC provided food and hygiene supplies for IDPs in the two collective centres in Kumanovo: 170 IDPs in Crystal hotel and 130 IDPs in hotel Cuba.

In Cicino Selo, food and hygiene supplies were distributed for 99 IDPs from the village of Radusa.
MCIC considers the possibility of a wider response to the food needs of IDPs.

Humanitarian action. A great number of artists are involved in organizing humanitarian action for the IDPs from 1st of July till 1st of August. The paintings will be sold on an auction and the means collected will be for the children from the displaced families.

Aid convoy to Sipkovica Municipality. The working group of "El hilal" from Tetovo and "Klasje na dobrinata", since last Wednesday are expecting permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defence to enter in the Municipality of Sipkovica, 10 km away from Tetovo. The aid convoy has been stopped for security reasons.


Free health care. The Government decision for free health care for IDPs, still does not extend to medicines.


New collective centre. Two more collective centres have been opened the last week: hotel Crystal with capacity of 80 persons (170 IDPs settled) and hotel Cuba with capacity of 120 persons (130 settled), in Kumanovo.

In the recreation centre for children and youths in Cicino Selo, a village near Skopje, there are four pavilions with 12 rooms and one with 9 rooms, with a total capacity of 160 persons. 99 IDPs from Radusa have been settled here.

The First Children Embassy in the World "Megasi" in Skopje, for almost a month cares for 14 IDPs from Aracinovo, in the beginning of the conflicts between the Albanian extremists and Macedonian security forces.

Water supply and sanitation

The first phase of the MCIC activities for water supply of the Medical Centre in Kumanovo is ongoing. The first water analysis showed greater presence of Ferum (Fe). The second analysis is underway.

Schools and education

There are no activities in this sector so far.

Humanitarian demining

In the Skopje village of Aracinovo, the land mine and other explosive gadgets' clearance action of the Macedonian security forces finished.

Protection and human rights

On MCIC initiative, an "Informative and Legal Support for the Internally Displaced Persons" brochure is being prepared. MCIC requested information from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for that purpose.

Psychological aid

Since the beginning of the crisis, the nongovernmental humanitarian organization "Save the children" through workshops, play and other activities help animate the children from the endangered areas, settled in the student homes "Rajko Zinzifov", "Senic" and "Ranka Milanovic".

Post crisis rehabilitation

The infrastructure reconstruction in Aracinovo began. In Aracinovo, "Elektrostopanstvo", an electric power production and distribution company, started repairing the damaged installations from Skopje to the village. Checkings of the local water supply system have been started by chloring the water. At present, the water from all natural sources and the local system is forbidden for use. Sanation of the land has been started by collecting the dead livestock. An urgent reconstruction of the local ambulance is needed. The inhabitants still wait the Government's permission to enter in Aracinovo.




During the visit to Brussels, the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Ilinka Mitreva requested an emergency finance aid for the country. The EU will assign a financial pack (grants and loans) for reconstruction, after the first results of the dialogue under the President's patronage have been made.


On the 6th of July a meeting between MCIC and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy was held, where preparations for establishing National Humanitarian Coordinative Body on President Trajkovski's initiative were considered. Governmental institutions, international governmental and nongovernmental organizations and domestic nongovernmental organizations will participate in this Body. The main activities of this body will be informing and coordinating the humanitarian aid, preparation of list of responsible persons for each municipality, and collection, preparation and distribution of information concerning IDPs. The first meeting will be Wednesday, 11th of July 2001.

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