MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 23/2001

November 5 - 11, 2001

Skopje, November 12th, 2001


The Macedonian Red Cross announces the number of IDPs once a month. According to the last report, the number of IDPs is 53,797.

Refugees returning from Kosovo. According to the UNHCR, there are about 14,000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) in Kosovo, while 62,000 persons have returned to Macedonia.



The ICRC/MCRC have completed the distribution of food products that included 8,000 users from the village of Aracinovo. Since the beginning of October, assistance was provided to 82,000 persons from the regions impacted by the crisis.

The WFP completed the evaluation for the needs of food, sponsored by ECHO and realized by Action against Hunger with support from WFP.

On November 6-7, the Spanish humanitarian organization MPDL carried out distribution of fresh food packages, donation from ECHO, to the collective centers in Katlanovo and Suto Orizari. The distributed food packages include milk, canned meat, canned fish, cheese and onions. 540 humanitarian packages were distributed in Katlanovo and 1220 in Suto Orizari. 600 packages for IDPs and 150 packages for host-families were distributed through the "Macedonia" organization of the Serb and Macedonian community in Macedonia.


The WHO continues to supply three pharmacies in Skopje and the medical centers in Kumanovo and Tetovo with free medicines for the IDPs.

The Macedonian Red Cross continues with the distribution of hygiene packages for the host-families, and the Danish Refugee Committee distributed hygiene products in the collective centers.

The IRC will carry out minor reconstruction of the ambulance building in Aracinovo.
The IOM completed the estimation of the needs of health care.


On November 5th, the UNHCR distributed 230 packages for the people who have returned to the village of Opae. The packages include blankets, mattresses, plastic sheets, water canisters, construction tools, kitchen sets and hygiene products. Packages were also distributed to the people who have returned to Sipkovica municipality: 50 families from Lisec, 15 from Gajre, (in cooperation with El Hilal), 50 in Bozovce and 30 in Vesala.
The humanitarian organization ADRA is estimating the damage in the villages Setole, Jedoarce and Otule.

The German Caritas distributed cloths and footwear for the collective centers Suto Orizari, Pelagonija, Olympic Village, Cicino Selo, Katlanovo and Senic.

The OXFAM provided cloths for 600 children from Lipkovo municipality, which will be distributed through the Organization of Albanian Women.

On November 8, the MCIC distributed 5,000 bricks for 55 users from Matejce. Wood pillars, concrete, blocks, doors and windows were also distributed.

Water supply and sanitation

No new activities at this period.

Schools and education

The UNICEF reported that rehabilitation is needed in 77 school buildings. In five of them the rehabilitation was already completed, 28 will be rehabilitated with funds already approved by donors, and seven will be rehabilitated with funds that were promised by the donors. This leaves 37 schools uncovered. UNICEF also reported that the education is not taking place in 12 schools, either because the students are displaced or because the school buildings need repairs.

The MCIC completed the repairs on the windows in six classrooms in the school in Matejce. This enabled the education to start.

Humanitarian mine disposal

The mine disposal operations are ongoing. In the Tetovo area, the terrain in and around the villages of Lesok and Tearce has been cleaned from mines, and the Tetovo-Radusa railroad is controlled. In the Kumanovo area, the mine disposal units worked in the region of the village of Opae.

The ICRC/MCRC continue with the activities for increasing public awareness on the danger from mines and other explosive devices. Such activities were carried out in Sipkovica and Tearce.

Protection and human rights

No new activities at this period.

Psychosocial activities

No new activities at this period.

Post-crisis rehabilitation

CARE distributed 300 tones of wheat seeds in the region of Tetovo.

CRIC distributed animal feed for 300 farmers, with funds from ECHO.



According to information from the World Bank, if the constitutional amendments are passed latest by November 12 the donors' conference for Macedonia might take place between December 15-20, 2001.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the German Federal Government, put on disposal last week DM 1,5 million for emergency needs. The UNHCR will receive DM one million of this amount for reconstruction of damaged houses and the remaining DM 500,000 will go to the MCIC for procurement of food products, hygiene packages and baby packages for the displaced persons and persons that have returned to their homes.

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