MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 10/2001

August 6th - August 12th, 2001

Skopje, August 13th


Displaced persons

An increased number IDP. In Macedonia, according to the Macedonian Red Cross, the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) amounts to 52,954 persons. Of these, 3,512 are situated in the collective centers. (addition 1)

Increased number of refugees. During the weekend about 1,669 ethnic Albanians, most from Saray, Chair and Vizbegovo, have gone to Kosovo from Macedonia, according to UNHCR. While, 67 refugees, ethnic Albanians, have been returned to Macedonia from Kosovo.



Food supplies

Aid for the displaced persons.

An MCIC convoy for Vratnica and Jazhince. On August 7th MCIC managed to supply aid for the denizens of community Vratnica after the unsuccessful attempt from August 4th. The aid comprised 15 tons of basic products. At the starting point (the gasoline station "Petrol company" near Tetovo) four of the six trucks went back because of the insecurity of the drivers in the road Tetovo - Jazhince. The convoy was stopped at the village Dzepchishte, from the local population, ethnic Albanians, and after two hours, was let through with mediation of the EU monitoring mission. The aid arrived for community Vratnica (for the villages Vratnica, Belovishte, Staro Selo and Rogachevo), inhabited by ethnic Macedonians, and a part was delivered in the village Jazhince (for Jazhince and Orashje), inhabited by ethnic Albanians. A part of the aid in fresh food (potatoes, paprika, cabbage) that was supposed to be delivered in Vratnica and Jazhince, was redirected to the IDPs settled in Pelagonija and Olympian village.

The Shipkovica convoy was returned. On August 11th El Hilal was supposed to supply food and medication for the community Shipkovica. Although it had all necessary documents and a permit from the coordination body for managing crises, because o9f security reasons, at the last police security point, it was not allowed to continue further.

MCKC convoys. The convoys planned for Shipkovica (with medications) and for Vratnica and Jegunovce (with food and medications) because of security reasons did not reach their final destination.


The International committee of the Red Cross supplied help in medical equipment, medications and other medical material for the Tetovo Medicine Center.

The World Health Organization in cooperation with the Ministry for health review the possibility of bringing back into working condition the ambulance in Arachinovo.


UNHCR/IRC (International Rescue Committee) finished the assessment on possible new collective centers in the Republic of Macedonia. The report has been submitted to the Government for further coordination.

Water supply and sanitation

On August 6th the water form Lake Lipkovsko was stopped by the so-called NLA with which the water supply of Kumanovo was terminated. The restoration is conditioned with humanitarian aid and the removal of the termination of power supply for Lipkovo. Both conditions were fulfilled. Water started running in the city network on August 10th, but because of the procedure of hiperchlorinating and cleansing of the system, the water s only used as technical water. It is predicted that the Kumanovo citizens will receive drinking water on August 14th.

Schools and education

UNICEF is continually working on providing conditions for the commencing of the school year in the crisis areas.

Humanitarian disarming of mines

The UNHCR representative for coordination with NATO, informed that NATO will no perform disarming of mines except in 16 control points were surrender of weapons will take place.

A UNMACC (UN Mine Coordination Center) team has arrived from Prishtina for the initial evaluation of the level of mine presence in the crisis areas.

Protection and human rights

No such activities in this period.

Psychosocial activities

No such activities in this period.

Post crisis rehabilitation

UNHCR/MCIC after the distribution of 1,500 plastic tarpaulins in Arachinovo on August 3rd , temporarily stopped further distribution, because of the newest escalation of the conflict in the region of Skopje.

A basic agreement for the rehabilitation of the houses in Arachinovo has been achieved and it is as follows: UNHCR/MCIC for category 1 and 2 (reparation of small damage); USAID for category 3 (larger damage); and ECHO/Movimondo for categories 4 and 5 (significant repairs or building of new objects). Movimondo still cannot begin its activities because it has not been registered in Macedonia.




Several domestic NGOs sent an appeal for humanitarian aid (addition 2)


Coordinated supply of aid. The president of the coordination government body for crisis management and the deputy-chief of the OSCE mission in Macedonia had a meeting on which they discussed the creation of conditions for the return of the displaced persons from the crisis areas, as well as the meeting of the needs for life sustenance of the persons in the crisis regions, regardless of their nationality. It has been arranged to devise weekly operational plans, on basis of which the preparation and supply of humanitarian aid would be performed in a coordinated manner to the crisis regions.

Fourth NHC meeting. The organizations submitted a short report on the activities from the past week. The president of the coordination crisis management body informed that an expert team has been assembled regarding all issues connected to humanitarian activities and government representatives have been appointed by sectors.

The Ministry of finance gave detailed information regarding the possibility of release from VAT (for foreign NGOs there s a possibility through the procedure export without border crossing, and for domestic NGOs such an option is still unavailable).

Several problems were pointed out: the necessary moving of the IDP from the student homes in the following 15 days because of the new school year; the worsened humanitarian condition in Gostivar; a benefited bus transport for IDP (a possible donator is looked for); reparation of the collective center in Dojran with the aim of increasing its capacity; permits for the stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Macedonia; army mobilization of humanitarian organization employees.

Consecutive activities have also been proposed: passing a temporal government measure for the releasing of the domestic NGOs included in the humanitarian aid from VAT; organizing of medical doctor visits to the collective centers; increasing the speed of the procedure for relieving from customs and damage evaluation.

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