MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 15/2001

September 10-16, 2001

Skopje, September 17th, 2001


Displaced persons

Total number of IDPs.
According to the Macedonian Red Cross the total number of internally displaced persons (IDP) in Macedonia is 75,176. 3,912 of them are accommodated in the collective centers. The Macedonian Red Cross temporarily stopped the registration of new IDPs.

Increased number of refugees who return from Kosovo.
According to the UNHCR, about 31,250 refugees (ethnic Albanians) are staying in Kosovo, and about 5,000 persons have returned to Macedonia so far.



The WFP - World Food Program, in cooperation with AAH - Action Against Hunger, made an evaluation for the needs of food in the Skopje and Tetovo regions last week. They paid a visit to the villages of Aracinovo, Strasince, Dobroste and Vratnica.

The El Hilal distributed assistance in food, hygiene products for Radusa (3,7t.), Bitola (10t. of flower) and Tetovo villages Rogle, Cerovo and Selce (6t.).

The MCIC on September 14th distributed 8t. of elementary food products (flower, oil, sugar and salt) to 130 families in the villages Urvice and Jelovjane.


No new activities in this period.


On September 12th, a meeting between the UNHCR and the NGOs (Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, Shelter Now International, International Relief Committee, Mercy Corps International, and the German Red Cross) took place, focusing on the beginning of the repairs on the damaged buildings. The meeting was used for coordination of the methodology for realization of the repairs.

Water-supply and sanitation

No new activities in this period

Schools and education

The education did not start in the schools in Neprosteno, Lesok and Tearce. In some elementary schools in Tetovo, the parents and the students, ethnic Macedonians (like the school "Bratstvo-Migjeni") disagree the education to continue in the premises of the school and they point to the kindergarten near the Sports Center as an alternative.

The students - ethnic Albanians from the "Goce Delcev" highschool in Kumanovo submitted a letter, saying that they did not feel safe to go to school together with the students-Macedonians. They asked for the education to continue in the building of the Workers' University "Profesor Mijalkovic."

"Klasje na Dobrinata" provided 1,000 school bags and 4,000 notebooks for the displaced persons.

Humanitarian demining

On September 12th, expert teams of the NATO forces in Macedonia started to eliminate the mines in the region from the railroad near Ratae to Lesok.

Protection and human rights

No such activities in this period

Psychosocial activities

No such activities in this period

Post-crisis rehabilitation

The team for evaluation of the damage has so far carried out an estimation on 1,300 buildings in Aracinovo.

The evaluation in the other areas will be carried out by IMG (International Management Group), which, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, started an evaluation process in Tetovo area (Tearce, Lesok, Slatina) and Kumanovo area (Opae and Lopate).



During the visit of the Macedonian Foreign Minister Ilinka Mitreva to the Great Britain, director of the International Development Department Simon Ray announced that the Great Britain would provide BP 2,5 million, meant for trust-building, reconstruction of the energy system and for reconstruction of the schools in Macedonia. This all depends on the successful implementation of the Framework Agreement.

On September 13th, the World Bank Board of Directors approved the "Temporary strategy for assistance to Macedonia in the period of September 2001-June 2002, by which this institution supports Macedonia's macroeconomic and social stability, as well as the reconstruction and future development of the country. In the next six months, the World Bank is due to approve US$50 million to Macedonia. $15 million come as support to the budget and balance of payment, US$15 million for realization of the reforms in the public sector, additional US$15 million as a credit for reforms in the education and US$5 million are meant for reconstruction of the buildings ruined in the military clashes.

At the forthcoming donors' conference, scheduled for mid-October, Macedonia will ask for US$150 million, needed for surpassing of the financial gap in the balance of payment and for reconstruction of the country, as well as for realization of the peace agreement.


Eighth meeting of the NGO humanitarian coordination.
At the meeting, the participants delivered brief reports for their activities in the past seven days. At the meeting, the representative of Natira pointed to the problems that organizations face with when they organize humanitarian convoys. He also pointed to the inability for returning of the displaced persons from the Lipkovo region to their homes. The representative of "Klasje na Dobrinata" organization said that increased assistance is needed for the displaced persons accommodated in Skopje, and added that the representatives of the National Humanitarian Coordination should provide information from the Macedonian Red Cross about the humanitarian aid distributed so far. It was concluded that the representatives of the NGO humanitarian coordination should make contact with the authorized bodies in order to enable conditions for organizing a convoy for the displaced persons from Lipkovo to pay a visit to their homes.

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