MCIC Situation report in Macedonia no. 04/2002

February 18 - 24, 2002

SKOPJE, February 25th, 2002


Displaced persons

According to the latest registration, the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) accommodated with host families is 13.432, while the number of IDPs accommodated in collective centres is 2.871. This is the total number of IDPs registered by the Red Cross.

According to UNHCR's data, there are about 10.000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) in Kosovo.



The branch of El hilal in Struga distributed 50 t of aid in food, hygienic products and clothes for the population of the municipality of Lipkovo. The branch of El hilal from Gostivar distributed 20 t of food and hygienic products in the villages of Ropaljce and Otlja. On February 20, El hilal distributed food and hygienic products parcels to 50 inhabitants of Bitola.

Red Cross of Tetovo concluded the February distribution of food and hygienic parcels to 3.690 families from this town.

The "Mother Teresa" humanitarian organisation from Struga distributed 18 t of food and hygienic parcels to the inhabitants of the Lipkovo municipality. The aid consisted of 10 t of flour, 300 kg potatoes, 1.800 kg of powder milk, 300 l of oil, 400 kg sugar, 330 blankets, 10.000 pieces of soap and 200 pieces of shampoo.

In February, ICRC distributed food to 2.871 IDPs accommodated in collective centres, as well as to 4.801 micro-displaced persons in Skopje and Tetovo.


ECHO completed the list of renewed ambulants.


UNHCR distributed 200 parcels to returnees in the village of Vejce.

UNHCR signed a sub-contract with IRC and DRC for quick assessment of damages in various villages. The assessment will cover around 600 houses of 1st and 2nd category in the region of Tetovo, Kumanovo and Aracinovo.


UNHCR provided 3 mil. US$ for quick implementation projects for this year. The projects must not last longer then three months.

Schools and education

UNICEF provides equipment and distributed furniture for the primary schools in the crises regions, as well as to other schools that need it. So far, the distribution has been completed in the schools in Konjare, Semsevo, Grusino, Opae, Lopate, Lipkovo, Sipkovica, Brodec, Ljubanci, Ljuboten and the schools in Skopje: "Partenie Zografski", "Liria" and "25th of May". The distribution will cover a total of 145 primary schools, which will be provided with a total of 9.200 school chairs, 4.300 school desks, 380 black boards and 360 heaters.

Humanitarian demining

In the beginning of March, special teams will start demining in the crises regions. The demining will be led by the international organisation "International Trust Fund" (ITF) and the Office of Mine Action.

Task Force Fox identified three new dangerous regions: the road to Tanusevci, the road to Luka Maalo and the road to Dumanovce.



The Macedonian Government submitted the list of needs, which need to be covered by the forthcoming donors' conference in Brussels. Macedonia will ask for 228 mil. US$ from the donors: 165 mil. US$ are requested for covering the national account gap, 40 mil. US$ for reconstruction and 23 mil. US$ for implementation of the Ohrid Agreement.


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