MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 24/2001

November 12-18, 2001

SKOPJE, November 19, 2001


Displaced persons

The Macedonian Red Cross announces the number of IDPs once a month. According to the last report, the number of IDPs is 53,797.

Refugees returning from Kosovo. According to the UNHCR, there are about 12,000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) in Kosovo, while 64,000 persons have returned to Macedonia.



The humanitarian organization El Hilal distributed food and nonfood supplies for the inhabitants in the villages near Skopje and Kumanovo. On November 14 the Prilep branch of El Hilal distributed 2.5 tons of food and hygiene supplies in Aracinovo, while the Gostivar branch distributed 15 tons assistance for the inhabitants of Lipkovo. On November 15, 15 tons assistance of basic food and hygiene supplies were distributed in Vaksince.

Intersos continues with the distribution of basic food for 4,300 persons.

MPDL distributed basic food for the refugees and 1,000 families that sheltered them.


The American Red Cross continues with health education of IDPs in the collective centers and host-families in Skopje and Kumanovo.

The IRC medical teams provide primary health services for IDPs in Kumanovo and returnees in Aracinovo.


UNHCR, on November 14 distributed parcels for returnees in the Kumanovo region, 80 parcels in Vaksince, 72 in Opaje and 50 in Ropajce.

Caritas - Germany, on November 13 distributed 3 boxes with underwear and 30 boxes with new garment for displaced persons settled in the collective center Olimpisko Selo, where there are around 360 IDPs at the moment. On November 13-14, 60 boxes with new garment and 5 boxes with already used garment were distributed for the displaced persons from Aracinovo settled at host-families.

On November 16, MCIC distributed construction material for the inhabitants of Matejce

Water supply and sanitation

No new activities at this period.

Schools and education

Cooperazione Italiana started with rehabilitation of the school building in Aracinovo.
UNICEF reported that $ 260,000 are needed for equiping the schools in the crisis regions with school furniture, that has been destroyed during the conflict.

Humanitarian mine disposal

The mine disposal teams discovered and destroyed 11 mines and grenades.
The activities in the region of Tetovo did not realize because of the events from November 11.

Protection and human rights

No new activities at this period.

Psychosocial activities

Safe Childhood provides psychosocial support by phone, 24 hours a day
( phone: (0)2 228 999)

Post-crisis rehabilitation

Elektrodistribucija, a public owned electric power supply enterprise, works on reconstruction of the powersupply infrastructure in the Kumanovo region, where almost six months the villages in this region are without electricity.

UNHCR approved 17 projects from the QIPs Programme.



Nikola Gruevski, Finance Minister, outlined that the donor conference for Macedonia is expected to be held in mid December 2001. Macedonia is expected to receive between 65 and 90 million US dollars, mostly grants.
The International Monetary Fund requested the Macedonian government to further reduce the 2001 budget for an additional 600 denars or around 9 million US dollars.

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