MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 29/2001

December 17-23, 2001

SKOPJE, December 24th, 2001


Displaced persons

According to the latest data from the re-registration, there are total of 10,823 IDPs accommodated in host-families and 3,166 in collective centers. These data come from the Red Cross.

No changes in the number of IDPs who return from Kosovo. According to the UNHCR data, there are total of 12,000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) accommodated in Kosovo. So far, total of 64,000 persons have returned from Kosovo to Macedonia.



The Ministry of Finance, through the Red Cross, started with distribution of food and hygiene products for IDPs accommodated in Tetovo. This assistance will cover approximately 5,400 households. The Development Bank of the Council of Europe donated the funds needed for realization of this project.


No new activities in this period.


On December 18, humanitarian organization "Mother Theresa" distributed 20 tons of assistance in clothes, footwear and blankets for the citizens of Lipkovo municipality.
On December 14, the IMG signed an agreement worth €7,5 million with the Dutch Government meant for reconstruction of approximately 750 houses in the regions of crisis. The project is to be completed by 2002.

Water supply and sanitation

On December 19, Macedonian Minister of Transport and Communications Ljupco Balkoski, Italian Ambassador to Macedonia and Director of the UNDP Raquel Tagragiu, and mayor of Kumanovo Slobodan Kovacevski confirmed the agreement for donation from the Italian government for realization of the UNDP project for water supply of Kumanovo. The donation in amount of DM 1,65 million will be meant for installation of pipeline to the filter-station, in length of 5,5 kilometers.

Schools and education

An Italian corporation opened a tender for reconstruction of the school buildings in Matejce (the old part of the building), Slupcane (the old school building) and in Aracinovo (the new school building).

World Vision distributed school sets (maps, mathematics tools etc.) for the students from the school in Opae.

Humanitarian mine disposal

In the past three months, the teams of the international foundation for mine disposal and assistance to mine casualties - International Trust Fund (ITF) discovered total of 149 explosive devices and four mines in Kumanovo, Skopje and Tetovo areas. So far, total of 864 houses and 1,404 other buildings have been inspected.

Protection and human rights

On December 18, the European Center for Minority Issues from Germany promoted the network of non-governmental organizations that aim to improve interethnic relations in Macedonia. Starting from January 2002, total of six regional centers will become operational - in Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Bitola, Kumanovo and Stip. Each regional center will include per 15 organizations.

On December 22-23, the Center for Interethnic Tolerance and Refugees organized a seminar in Skopje, focusing on restoration of trust among the citizens from Aracinovo municipality.

Psychosocial activities

No new activities at this period.

Post-crisis rehabilitation

On December 19, the MCIC distributed 4,000 kilograms of animal feed, 50 kilograms of flour, 200 bottles of sunflower oil (0,75l), 100 kilograms of sugar, 100 kilograms of salt and 100 packages of hygiene products to the village of Cerovo. The MCIC teams could not enter in the village of Merovo due to the snowstorm. On December 21, the MCIC distributed 154 sacks of animal feed to the villagers of Tearce, and on December 22, total of 7,200 kilograms (180 sacks) of animal feed were distributed to the villagers of Dobroste.



On December 19 in Washington, Macedonian Ambassador to the U.S. Nikola Dimitrov and World Bank Regional Coordinator for Southeast Europe and Executive Manager for Macedonia Christian Portman signed an agreement for a credit for urgent economic reconstruction of Macedonia, worth US$ 15 million.

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