MCIC Situation report Macedonia no. 19/2001

October 8-14, 2001

Skopje, October 15th, 2001


Number of IDPs slightly increased.
According to the Macedonian Red Cross, the total number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is 53,797. Of them, 3,547 are accommodated in collective centers.

Refugees return from Kosovo to Macedonia.
According to the UNHCR, there are about 25,000 refugees (ethnic Albanians) from Macedonia in Kosovo, and so far 57,000 have returned to Macedonia.



El Hilal continues with the distribution of food and hygiene products in the regions impacted by the crisis Last week, El Hilal distributed 75 tones in the villages Selce and Lipkovo, 7,4 tones to Drenovec and 16,5 tones in Dvorce and Radusa.

The "Milosrdie" carried out distribution of food packages for the collective centers: 96 packages to Olympic village collective center, 140 to Pelagonija, 230 to Stiv Naumov, 34 to Ranka Milanovic, 52 to Tome Senic, 46 to Partenij Zografski, 30 to May 25th, 47 to Zdravko Cvetkovski and 14 to Megjasi.

The MCIC distributed 10 tons of fooder to the villages Otlja and Matejce.


With logistic support from El Hilal, medical teams from Skopje carried out estimation of the medical buildings in Grupcino, Aracinovo, Studenicani and Batinci villages.

With logistic support from MCIC, the estimation in the Lipkovo region was also completed.


After the carried evaluation of the damage caused on houses in Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo areas, numerous organizations expressed readiness to participate in the projects for reconstruction. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) will carry out repairs in six villages in Kumanovo area and two in Tetovo (Lisec and Gajre). Shelter Now International will carry out repairing activities in Aracinovo, Orlanci, Mojanci, Grusino and Ljuboten; Movimondo will carry out the same activities in Tearce, Lesok and several other villages in Tearce municipality; Children's Aid Direct will carry out repairs on the houses that suffered damage from second and third category in Matejce and Opae; Mercy Corps is in charge of the repairs in Tetovo city and Selce village; the Danish Refugee Council in Sipkovica; The German Red Cross in Ropalce and Slupcane villages and ADRA in the Tetovo region. The MCIC will carry out the reconstruction activities in Vratnica and in the area from Vratnica to Tearce, as well as in Otlja and Matejce where they will repair the houses that suffered damage from first category. The MCIC will also carry out the repairs in the village of Radusa. The distribution of building materials for 10 users (of total of 18) was completed in the village of Lopate.

UNICEF is carrying out estimation for the winter needs of the displaced children up to two years of age. According to the reports, winter cloths will be distributed to approximately 15,000 children.

The SDR continues with the verification of the list of users of the project "cash for shelter" and they hope to complete the first payment by the end of October.

Water supply and sanitation

No new activities in this period.

Schools and education

At the last coordination meeting organized by UNICEF, the possibilities for reconstruction of the damaged school buildings in the regions of crisis were presented. 10 out of total of 12 schools will be reconstructed in the first phase, and nine out of 13 in the second. The Solidarites will carry out most of the repairing activities using ECHO funds, and the Catholic Relief Services - CRS, World Vision and the MCIC will be also included in the project. The MCIC will carry out reconstruction of the schools in Matejce and Slatino and will carry out evaluation of the school building in the village of Radusa.

On October 12-13, the students, ethnic Albanians, from three highschools in Kumanovo started a self-organized education in the elementary schools "Naim Fraseri" and "Bajram Sabani." Due to security reasons they demanded to attend the classes separate from the other students.

Humanitarian demining

Two teams composed of 35 persons, who will carry out the de-mining in the areas of Tetovo and Kumanovo, are expected to arrive from Bosnia.

Protection and human rights

A two-day seminar titled as "Freedom of expression in democratic society and the role of the media and the courts: Implementation of Article 10 from the European convention for human rights" took place in Skopje on October 15th. The seminar is organized by the Courts' Association in the Republic of Macedonia - Center for continuous education, the Council of Europe - Department of Human Rights and the Council of Europe Information Office in Skopje.

Psychosocial activities

Medjashi, SASM, OOSM and ROZM "Daja" continuously work on providing psychosocial support to the displaced children and women.

Post-crisis rehabilitation

The UNHCR is preparing assistance for the citizens of Neprosteno for renewal of the cattle fund, destroyed during the military actions.



No new activities in this period

Humanitarian Coordination

12th meeting of the NGO humanitarian coordination.

The organizations submitted reports for the realized activities in the past week. The "Mesecina" representative noted that the requests from the humanitarian coordination were not fully presented at the National Humanitarian Coordination meeting. He also pointed to the problem with the villages in Gorna Reka region, where food and hygiene products assistance is needed. The access to these regions is still forbidden. The representative of Natira stressed that the population from the Lipkovo region insisted to return to their homes. As a conclusion, they decided to initiate a meeting with the UNHCR, which would be focused on the quick start projects. They also suggested reception of a member from the regional coordination body from Tetovo, who would participate in the work of the NGO humanitarian coordination.

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