National Humanitarian Coordination no. 18


18th Co-ordination Meeting
6th December 2001


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview/update from the Presidentís Cabinet
3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC 4.Update on UN activities (UNHCR)
5.Update by other UN Agencies
6.Update on local NGOsí activities (Mesecina and League of Womenís Organisations in the R. of Macedonia)
7.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)
8.Overview of the current winterization activities (winter clothing, heating, firewood distribution) and gaps

1.Overview/update by the Chair
Mr. Cadinovski informed the meeting that new Co-ordinator of the Governmental Crisis Management Body is Mrs. Dosta Dimovska. If any changes in the activities and organisation of this body occurred, the meeting would be informed promptly. The Chair was sorry that again representatives from the Ministries, Governmental Crisis Management Body and International Organisations were not able to attend this meeting, but efforts will be made that all invited attend next meeting.

Repairs of the heating systems in 4 CCs, financed by UNDP, are on going. Firewood and winter clothing distribution is also on going, as well as the house repair cat.I & II. The subsidy of the transport costs for the students travelling on the routes Tetovo-Skopje and Kumanovo-Skopje is still an open issue.

2.Overview/update from the Presidentís Cabinet

3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
ICRC informed the meeting that the process of re-registration would be finalized soon and the numbers of the registered IDPs will be available. Because of the specific security situation in Tetovo and so called micro-displacement, ICRC together with AAH visited homes and conducted telephone interviews to assess the possibilities for the re-registration of some of the micro-displaced persons. A written document has been produced for this exercise, available to all interested parties. Distribution of food for approximately three months was conducted for the conflict-affected residence. The regular food distribution for IDPs in CCs will continue.

4.Update on UN activities (UNHCR)
UNHCR informed the meeting that UN Consolidated Agency Appeal had been launched and UN Country team asked for $42,000,000 as support for their humanitarian activities and assistance to IDPs, refugees and the country.

UNHCR continues with the firewood distribution and house repair of 1,600 houses cat. II & I. Currently UNHCR is working on its 2002 programmes. It was announced that in the next year QIPs funding would be available.

5.Update by other UN Agencies
UNICEF will distribute school furniture (chairs and desks) in Tearce, Lesok, Radusa, Ljubanci, Ljuboten, and Brodec. Distribution of 1,000 textbooks will be conducted in Skopje.

WHO continues with its regular activities, implementation of the TB and mental health projects. Probably sometime next week a joint meeting with the Ministry of Health and representatives of different local and international NGOs working in this field would be organised.

Last week a Community Mental Health centre was opened in Prilep, forth one, as a part of the mental health project aiming in provision of more human conditions for almost 2,500 persons with mental handicap across the country. These people also have right of dignity and not to be stigmatized. This is not only a health issue and needs to be addressed multi-sectoraly.

6.Update on local NGOsí activities (Mesecina and League of Womenís Organisations in the R. of Macedonia)
NGO Mesecina informed the meeting that on the local NGOsí co-ordination meeting was concluded that security in the conflict-affected areas was improved. Still a better co-ordination between local NGOs and the government is needed to provide services to IDPs.

So far not enough humanitarian assistance was given to IDPs from the Gornorekanska area.

In Strumica, 50 Roma were moved by force from their homes and now living on street.

The League of Womenís Organisations in the R. of Macedonia, also emphasised that a lot more can be done to relief IDPs. According to the information received by IDPs, from their regular visits of the CCs, winter clothing, milk for the youngest and complementary food (fruit and juices) is needed. This NGO donated to IDPs, hosted in CCs, 30 washing machines, 30 ironing boards, 60 irons, 100 laundry drying grades and 60 hair dryers.

They also expressed their gratitude to German Caritas for its new winter clothing distribution to IDPs in CCs.

7.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)
David Mayo, the new secretary of the International NGO Council, said that on the last NGO Council meeting was agreed upon that in the period to come a strategy for better co-ordination between the international NGOs, local NGOs, government, municipalities and donors should be prepared.

8.Overview of the current winterization activities (winter clothing, heating, firewood distribution) and gaps
UNICEF next week will distribute winter clothing for ID and refugee children age 0-18, hosted in CCs, while UNHCR will distribute underwear.

German Caritas with the approved 400,000DEM, from the Stability Pact through the German Government, will provide new winter clothing for all adults IDPs in CCs (children in CCs will be covered by UNICEF) and adults and children IDPs hosted in families in the south of the country.

Every IDP will receive: winter jacket, shoes, sweater, jeans, hat, gloves, scarf, two pairs of socks, and three sets of underwear.

Swiss Disaster Relief, SDR, announced that the Cash for Shelter project was finalised. In total 3,120 beneficiaries that were hosting IDPs received financial assistance through the Macedonian Post Offices; 1,611 received MKD 6,600 and 1, 509 families MKD
8,800 for the three and four monthsí periods, respectively.

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