National Humanitarian Coordination no. 11


11th Co-ordination Meeting
26th September 2001


1. General overview
2. Problems

Mr. Boge Cadinovski
briefed all those representatives present at last week's activities. On the Governmental session held on 11th September 2001 it was decided that IDPs from city of Tetovo and villages of Brnjarci and Ekonomija should return to their homes. Unfortunately some resistance is present towards this decision especially among IDPs hosted in Collective Centres.

IDPs hosted in Collective Centres in Kumanovo as well as ones in Olimpisko Selo, Skopje most probably will stay over the winter there. All international and local organizations that are working on winterization of these C.C. were asked to enhance their activities. The Chairman also emphasized that freedom of movement is one of the most important factors that will contribute in earlier return of people.

The donors' conference that is to be held on 15th of October 2001 is the reason why no Ministry's representatives were present at the meeting, as they have to met the deadline and prepare the damage assessment and project proposals that should be submitted.


Zola Dowell, UN OCHA, informed the meeting that UNHCR announced the Quick Impact Projects, QUIPS. The projects should be specifically related to shelter/infrastructure, rehabilitation (environment), water and sanitation and should not cost more than $20-30,000 with a completion date end of December 2001. All international and local NGOs as well as the municipalities are welcome to submit their applications.

Debora Comini, UNICEF, said that last week UNICEF started the distribution of school kits for 1-8 grade in 22 schools in Kumanovo, distributing in total 600 kits. In Skopje distribution is on going and 53 schools will be covered. Next week the textbooks will be distributed too.
In Kumanovo, Skopje and Tetovo psychosocial mobile teams are active.

Tommaso De Cataldo, IOM, informed the meeting that IOM would continue their support to IDPs hosted in Collective Centers in Kumanovo, by providing 226 monthly bus tickets for October. He added that a review will be made of IDPs' transportation needs as well as overview of the bus lines in the affected areas, operational before the conflict and now.

Stefan Tanik, ECHO, ECHO through its implementing partners would continue the hygiene parcels distribution for the IDPs hosting families. In September 6,500 hygiene parcels were distributed and the same number will remain for October's distribution.

INTERSOS continues with food distribution and is covering 23,000 IDPs as well as 5,500 social cases. CRIC will start to distribute farm animal food to IDPs and returnees.

At the beginning of the next week Solidarites will accomplish rehabilitation of the school in Aracinovo.

Reto Stoker, ICRC, informed the meeting that in October ICRC would distribute blankets. The mine awareness programme is on going in the affected areas, Collective Centres and host families. He said that ICRC was informed about 14 ethnic Macedonians missing and they have approached NLA regarding this issue. Six ethnic Albanians are also reported as missing.

Kevin Tobin, CRS, represented to the meeting Mr. Paul Currion, the new co-ordinator of the International NGO Council who will attend this meeting on a regular basis in the future.

Dragi Zmijanac, The First Children's Embassy-Megjasi, NGO Humanitarian Co-ordination, said that distribution of school kits and textbooks were late and stressed the mis-co-ordination between the Ministry of Education and UNICEF. He emphasized that children need warm clothing and shoes, not only books.

A question for subsidizing of students transport costs was also raised.

Abdurauf Prusi, El Hilal, NGO Humanitarian Co-ordination, has received a letter from the principal of the school in village of Tanusevci, in which assessment of school children returnees was requested. Though this request was not very clear to him, yet he wanted update information on the situation in the villages of Tanusevci, Brest, Kadino, and Malino. Mr. Prusi emphasized that returnees need blankets and mattresses. UNICEF was asked to consider the possibilities for subsidizing the school snacks for the children, especially for ones in 1-4 grade.


Follow up activities for issues from the previous meeting

Suzana Paunovska, MRC, emphasized that since 9th of September 2001 people from villages of Ekonomija, Rasce, Jazince, Brnjarci, Ljubanci, Ljuboten and city of Tetovo (except settlement 87) were de-registered. In the meanwhile the registration is conducted under the four criteria mentioned on the last meeting. After the completion of the October's distribution an updated IDPs' list will be available. October's distribution will consists of the usual food ratio and hygiene parcels, and additional blanket for every IDP. Returnees from Kosovo, in total 5,500 will also receive blankets.

New Issues

  • The chairman asked everybody to consider that organization of transport for IDPs on the route Kumanovo-Skopje-Kumanovo as well as Skopje-Tetovo and Tetovo-Jazince, is needed.

  • The Chairman reminded everybody that autumn is closing in and asked for winter clothing, pillows, and mattresses to be provided for IDPs in host families, Collective Centres and returnees.

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