National Humanitarian Coordination no. 17


17th Co-ordination Meeting
22nd  November 2001


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview/update from the Presidentís Cabinet
3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
4.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
5.Update by other UN Agencies
6.Update on local NGOsí activities (MCIC and El Hilal)
7.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)
8.Overview of the current winterization activities (winter clothing, heating, firewood distribution) and gaps

1.Overview/update by the Chair
Mr. Cadinovski informed the meeting that as agreed upon with Presidentís cabinet and OCHA, the agenda was changed to have an overall overview of the situation and focus on certain topic.

The Chair was sorry that again representatives from the Ministries, Governmental Crisis Management Body and International Organisations were not able to attend this meeting, but efforts will be made that all invited attend next meeting, because co-ordination of the humanitarian activities is really a necessity. It was suggested this meeting to be held every second week.

The Chair expressed his gratitude to all organisations active in the shelter sector and house repair, and all others that through humanitarian assistance brought relief in IDPsí everyday life.

He reminded present organisations that winter clothing and heating are still urgent issues that need to be addressed. Firewood and heating oil for IDPs hosted in families and in CCs should be obtained as soon as possible. UNHCR has promised to distribute stoves and fire woods for some of the CCs in Kumanovo, while UNDP will fund rehabilitation of the heating systems in the CCs: Olimpisko Selo, Skopje; Kristal and Dolno Konjari, Kumanovo; and Titovi pioneri, Dojran.

2.Overview/update from the Presidentís Cabinet
Flora Latifi presented the view of the Presidentís cabinet that this meeting should continue to be held as a forum of coordination of humanitarian activities. She briefed the meeting that every Wednesday and Thursday are official cabinetís days for reception of humanitarian organizations.

3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
MRC informed that the process of re-registration started on 05/11/01 and it is expected finalized on 25/11/01. There is a problem with the first criteria for registration cat. III & IV. In order to be registered under this category persons should have proof (document signed from their municipality) that their house has been destroyed or burned out.

The regular distribution of food and hygiene parcels is on going. In the November food distribution, diary products from the state war reserves were included but only for IDPs in Skopje.

ICRC continues with their regular humanitarian activities and last week they assisted 21,000 persons from the conflict affected areas. Once again the problem with the first registration criteria was stressed, as well as the differences between the different categorizations (IMG and UNHCR). This issue will be discussed with the UNHCR Shelter Coordinator.

Last week ICRC visited Sipkovica and Tetovo, where regardless the ICRCís explanation that they donít have mandate to take care of the social cases, the municipalitiesí mayors asked for humanitarian assistance of the social cases.

The Chair said that that the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will prepare a official letter to the mayors of these two municipalities emphasizing that persons in need of assistance should contact the local brunches of the Ministry.

4.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
OCHA informed the meeting about UNHCR and UNMAS last weekís activities.

UNHCR continues with its shelter program in the area of Skopska Crna Gora. Distribution of the firewood in the conflict-affected areas has started. New bus line was established on the route Grusino-Skopje.

UNMAS continues with the de-mine activities. In Alasavce two teams are working on the road, while another two teams are working in the Radusa and Slupcane and Opae in Kumanovo region.

As to the provision of winter clothing, there is a matrix prepared with all activities undertaken, available upon request.

5.Update by other UN Agencies
UNICEF briefed the meeting they will provide winter clothing for IDP and refugee children hosted in CCs, as well for the children in institutions.

An information IDP leaflet regarding the available humanitarian assistance will be distributed in Skopje. Another information leaflet will be prepared for IDPs in Kumanovo and Tetovo.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and Communication, 15 WES projects were approved and will be conducted until the end of 2001, while another 10 are planned to be implement next year.

UNDP informed the meeting that they would finance upgrading of the heating systems in 4 CCs: Olimpisko selo, Skopje; Kristal and Dolno Konjari, Kumanovo; and Titovi Pioneri, Dojran. UNDP emphasized that they will only finance the repairs, but not the provision of heating oil for the above mentioned CCs.

6.Update on local NGOsí activities (MCIC and El Hilal)
MCIC said that the meetings of the Local NGOsí Humanitarian Coordination would be held every second week. MCIC continues with its regular activities, animal feed distribution and I cat. house repair.

The Chair appealed to all present organizations to enhance the winter clothing and firewood distribution.

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