National Humanitarian Coordination no. 14


14th Co-ordination Meeting
25th October 2001


  1. General overview
  2. Problems

Mr. Boge Cadinovski was sorry that representatives from the Ministries, Governmental Crisis Management Body and NGOs were not able to attend this meeting, hoping that in the future they will attend it regularly.

He raised couple of issues that had been discussed before. Only in some parts of Skopje there is a central heating which means that fire wood and heating oil for IDPs hosted in families and in CCs should be obtain as soon as possible. Another issue is the winter clothing. UNICEF announced that there are no funds available for covering the needs of IDP children hosted in families. He asked all present parties to put efforts in provision of winter clothing for these children. IDPs are constantly asking for bigger food parcels.

Agustino Mulas, UNHCR, informed the meeting that UNHCR would provide firewood for IDPs in host families and has already selected villages where there are returnees. Firewood distribution is planed to be completed at the beginning of December. In conjunction with UNICEF efforts are made for provision of firewood for the schools in the affected areas. Nevertheless, UNHCR is not in a position to provide gas or heating oil for the CCs.
Together with some NGOs they have provided winter clothing for IDPs which will be distributed by MRC.

UNHCR is providing kitchensets for the returnees and trough its implementing partners MCIC and Shelter Now International they plan to do minor repairs on 1,500 houses. Distribution of the materials has started and they hope to repair as many houses as possible until 15th December.

UNHCR receives complaints and requests from IDPs with regrd to the food distribution WFP in conjunction with ECHO and ICRC is organsing the food distribution for the winter. Mr. Mulas emphasized that IDPs should be informed about the h available humanitarian assistance and the fact who is giving what.

Charles Setchell, USAID/OFDA, briefed the meeting about their shelter programme. This programme will approximately target 1,800 families in Tetovo and Kumanovo region. They will start with provision of firewood, 4-5 m², and then will continue together with their implementing partners, Shelter Now International and Mercy Corps, with minor repairs of 500-600 houses Cat. I and II.

Peter Coccier, IOM, informed he meeting about IOM's confidence building programme. In collaboration with the local authorities they will try to meet the municipality's needs. The programme will first start in Bitola and Stip, then Skopje and on the very end Kumanovo, Tetovo and Gostivar will be covered.

Reto Stoker, ICRC, in the past week, ICRC assisted 24,000 residents in conflict affected areas. ICRC teams visited Skopska Crna Gora and assessed the situation. Great number of IDPs has returned and the freedom of movement has improved.

Since the process is very slow a decision has been reached that he number of IDPs would be announced monthly. The German Red Cross will do minor repairs on houses Cat.I and II in the villages of Slupcane and Ropajce. Distribution of materials will start next week. Next week distribution of blankets for IDPs registered in November will start. Each IDP will receive a blanket.

Natasa Ljubeckij, FAO, informed the meeting about FAO's programme for provision of winter wheat seeds and fertilisers, due to start next week. Distribution will take place in the next two weeks so that until 15th November all sewing activities are finished.

An animal feed need assessment is on -going and next week the first results are expected. Their estimates are that there are 18,000 beneficiaries and $2,3 million in total will be needed, but it seems that needs are larger. The Danish and Norwegian Government were interested to finance this programme, but additional donors will be needed, too. FAO is in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture with regard to the agriculture issues.

Aleksandar Krzalovski, MCIC, said that they have finished the damage assessment of the houses in Kumanovo and Tetovo area. This week they will start with distribution of materials in the villages of Matejce, Otja and Radusa.

New Issues

  • Provision of fire wood for IDPs in host families and heating oil for CCs
  • Provision of winter clothing for IDPS in host families
  • Enrichment of the food parcels

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