National Humanitarian Coordination no. 8


8th Co-ordination Meeting
6th September 2001


  1. General overview
  2. Problems

Mr. Boge Cadinovski briefed all the present representatives on last week's activities. In co-operation with IOM transport for the IDPs in Kumanovo was organized. There is a plan to organize transport for IDPs from Skopje and Tetovo too. The chairman informed everybody that the expert from UNMAS has arrived.


Tome Trombev, Ministry of Transport and Communications - announced that the damage assessment was on going and so far 560 buildings were assessed. Damage assessment of 20 buildings was made in Lopate and they will continue next week in Aracinovo when IMG will join them.

Solidaretes has started the reparation process in the school in Arachinovo.

Goce Stankovski, Ministry of Transport and Communications - informed everybody that the WES assessment questionnaire had been prepared. On 31.08.01 the questionnaire was distributed to 12 municipalities that are covering 40 inhabited places. Afterwards the results will be analyzed and Ministry will recommend the necessary measures that should be taken.

Danevski Zoran, Vet Agency - Vet Agency teams are active in the conflict areas making health assessment of the remaining animals. They have prepared detailed information that is available upon request.

Francois Stamm, ICRC - ICRC's representatives are present on a daily basis in the conflict areas. Together with MRC they have begun the mine awareness programme. In co-operation with other humanitarian organizations, ICRC will conduct needs assessment for IDPs in the collective centers and host-families as well as for the returnees. ICRC announced that the IDP number in Kumanovo is stable, while there is a movement of IDPs between Skopje and Tetovo.

Suzana Paunovska, MRC - said that for the time being the registration of new IDPs in Skopje and Tetovo would be stopped. Reason for this is that the number of registered IDPs continued raising at rate of 500-1000 IDPs daily, regardless the fact that security situation improved. All registered IDPs will be checked in order to avoid overlapping and give assistance to ones that are in most need.

Augustino Mulas, UNHCR - stressed that UNHCR are present in the field now with 3 mobile teams. Regarding returnees, it is thought best not to encourage a premature return to areas where it's not safe yet. Nevertheless UNHCR is giving support to the people who spontaneously returned.

UNHCR will start repairing the roofs in the collective centres in Kumanovo. UNHCR is also looking at other requirements for the coming winter and plans to provide firewood and winter clothing.

Patrick Tillet -UNMAS- announced that UNMAS will establish office in Skopje. The main purpose of the Mine Action Office would be to advise the HC, UNCT and national agencies on mine action issues, as well as serve as focal point on mine action and dissemination of mine related information. Also, establishment of a central unique database on mine action was considered. His colleague from UNICEF HQ, Ben Lark, made survey of the immediate situation and concluded that there was extremely low mine risk in the country and that the threat from UXOs was limited to the 20-30 villages located in the conflict affected areas, a problem easy to deal with.

Ben Lark, UNICEF - took note that basic ground activities were already in place through the ICRC mine awareness program. Mr Lark asked that, no agency other than ICRC be involved in such programs in order to avoid confusion.

Elke Wisch, UNICEF -UNICEF invited all present organizations that are planing educational activities to co-ordinate with them. The school year will begin on 10th of September, but they have no information for Tetovo. UNICEF will donate textbooks, school materials and furniture.

The psychosocial working group was looking for partners among the local NGOs for the implementation of their activities. Next week WES expert is expected to come, who will closely collaborate with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Aldo Biondi, ECHO - ECHO continues with the financial support of its implementing partners that are conducting different humanitarian activities. In order to cope with the increased number of IDPs and their food needs, ECHO mobilized additional 7,000 000 Euro. They are waiting for the rapid village assessment (RVA) and food need assessment results.

Tommaso de Cataldo, IOM - IOM in co-operation with the Public Transport Company - Kumanovo organized free transport for IDPs from the Collective Centers and host families in Kumanovo. For the upcoming month they will provide 226 monthly tickets.

Besnik Istrefi, Swiss Embassy - Humanitarian Aid Unit - said that the project cash for shelter is in the final phase and at the moment they were checking up the available data in order to start the project as soon as possible.

Abdurauf Prusi, El Hilal- NGO Humanitarian Coordination- informed the meeting about the Mother Teresa reward that was given to them and thanked all the donors and partners for their assistance in the implementation of El Hilal's humanitarian activities. He also informed the meeting about certain number of IDPs that wanted to go back in their homes in Kumanovo area and were asking for organized return.


Follow up activities for issues from the previous meeting

ICRC in co-operation with MRC has launched the mine awareness programme.

New Issues

  • The Chairman reminded everybody that the autumn is closing up and asked winter clothing to be provided for IDPs and also asked for the enrichment of the food portion distributed to IDPs in host families

  • Humanitarian organizations were asked to provide assistance for the remote villages Gloge, Selce, and Prsoje, that had not been visited so far

  • The Vet Agency representative stressed that lots of animals had been found dead in the conflict areas. Taking into consideration the fact that most of the people in these areas are farmers, he asked for financial support for new farm animals and food.

  • El Hilal, NGO Humanitarian coordination asked Ministry of Labour and Social welfare to explore the opportunity of hosting IDP mothers with children in the kindergartens

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