National Humanitarian Coordination no. 5


of the 5th coordination meeting
August 16, 2001, Skopje


  • Governmental institutions:
    Boge Cadinoski, Blagica Stojanova - Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Goran Ancevski, Marija Kostovska, Mile Janakievski - Ministry of Finance; Goce Stankovski - Ministry for of Transport and Communications; Cane Talevski - Ministry of Health; Igor Dzundev - Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Zoran Danevski - Vet agency; Neriman Dzeladini - Ministry of Economy.

  • UN agencies:
    Agostino Mulas - UNHCR; Monique Tormann, Elke Wisch - UNICEF; Boris Rebac - WHO; Paul Hebert - UN OCHA; Dale Skoric - WFP; Vladimir Kuculovski - UNDP; Paskal Bernardoni - FAO

  • Red Cross and Red Crescent:
    Philippe Gaillard - ICRC; Suzana Paunovska - ICRC/MRC, Ljupka Petkovska - MRC

  • Foreign governmental and intergovernmental institutions:
    Melanie Mason, Jessie Snydere USAID/OFDA; Kevin Carew - American Embassy/PRM; Aldo Biondi - ECHO; Rose Marie Henny - Unit for Humanitarian Aid/Swiss Embassy

  • International nongovernmental organizations:
    Anne Bideau - Solidarites; Kevin Tobin - CRS; Torsten Haschenz - IOM; Francesco Pagani, Greg Brown - ICR

  • Domestic nongovernmental organizations:
    Abdurauf Prusi, Vegim Etemi - El Hilal; Saso Klekovski, Aleksandar Krzalovski - MCIC.


  • Governmental institution:
    President's Cabinet; Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Education; Public enterprise Electric power industry - "Elektrostopanstvo"

Minute person: Blagica Stojanova

Boge Cadinoski, Head of the Department for Refugees, Displaced Persons and Humanitarian Aid at Ministry of Labour and Social Policy initiated and chaired the meeting.


  1. Information part - organizations' reports
  2. Problems and issues to be considered and solved


Boge Cadinoski, introduced representatives of the Expert team of Coordinative body for Crisis Management.

Paul Hebert, OCHA, expressed pleasure for presence of Expert team representatives on the meeting and hopes for further cooperation. He proposed participation of the Expert team representatives in sectorial meetings.

The organization's representatives submitted short written or oral reports for the last week's activities.

Francois Stamm, ICRC, informed that the number of IDP is more than 60.000 (50% are from the Tetovo area). Inhabitants (ethnic Macedonian) from Vratnica and Lesok requested to be evacuated because even the peace contract was achived they are not secure.

Poll Hebert, OCHA, informed that an expert from UNMAC will arrive and he will prepare the operation for de-mine.

Boge Cadinovski, informed that licence for entrance in crisis regions, could be receive from the Center for Crisis Management in Ministry of Defence. He underline that Macedonian Government ensure 400,00 denars daily per person, for paying costs for food, electric energy, water and other services.

Goran Ancovski, Ministry of Finance, added that 400,00 denars per person are ensure till the end of August 2001. The additional founds is significant problem because of the Budget deficit.

Cane Talevski, Ministry of Health, informed that Ministry of Health planned IDPs to receive free medicaments from positive list. Ministry of Health is prepearing information on situation in medical centres, medicaments and ill persons in crises regions.

Aldo Biondi, ECHO, reported that for several days will be define, what kind of aid for cattle in crisis region, will be provide.


Follow-up activities concerning issues and problems from the previous meeting.

Aldo Biondi, ECHO, re-actualised problem with electric energy restore, in Aracinovo.

Governmental represents have not information about it.

New issues and problems

Boge Cadinovski stressed the problem of re-sheltering of the IDPs currently accommodated in student's dormitories, as the new academic year would start in 15 days.

WHO have intention for reactivation the ambulance in Aracinovo, but they need licence for entrance.

Abdurauf Prusi, El Hilal, said that in the village Luboten only men are remaining, and they have need for food.

Suzana Paunovska, IFRC/MRC, asked about possibility for expand the system of free medicals in other town (except Skopje and Kumanovo) where are registered significant number of IDPs.

Dale Skoric, asked what kind of aid ensured the Government except 400,00 denars per person for day, for IDPs sheltered in collective centers and about Government projection for providing financial help for Collective Centers

Zoran Danevski, Vet agency, emphasized the problem with died cattle in crisis region. Necessary is to dislocate the cattle from this regions and to provide the food for survived cattle.

Paskal Bernardoni, FAO, emphasized that for better cooperation will be necessity to have a contact person from Ministry of Agriculture. FAO prepare the information about cattle situation.

After the discussion, the following issues and problems were concluded:

Providing the weekly plans.
All organization has obligation to provide the weekly plan for humanitarian aid in crisis region, for next week. Plans must be provide till Thursday, afternoon, to the Center for crisis management.

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