Renewal of infrastructure continues

Skopje, June 21  2002

In a letter addressed to the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Euro-Commissioner Chris Patten submitted information on the activities of the European Agency for Reconstruction.

So far, a total of 875 houses (of all categories) have been reconstructed. Several hundred houses are expected to be reconstructed until the end of July, for the purpose of which 4.1 mil. Euros will be invested. A total of 13.6 mil. Euros have so far been spent for renewal of power supply networks in the regions of Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo. In the past period, 2.700 host families (families that accommodated internally displaced persons) were assisted with 75 Euros a month.

The European Agency for Reconstruction prepared a project worth 575.000 Euros aimed at solving the water supply problems in Kumanovo. Until the end of this year, the Agency will allocate 3.6 mil. Euros for reconstruction of 200 severely damaged houses, whereas approximately two million Euros will be provided for de-mining.

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