Initial division of areas of work for houses repairs
Skopje, October 11th

As the assessment of damaged houses was finished in Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo areas, many organizations expressed readnes to participate in houses repair. International Rescue Committee (IRC) will be active in Kumanovo (6 villages) and Tetovo region (Lisec and Gajre), Shelter now International (SNI) in Aracinovo, Orlanci, Mojanci, Grusino and Ljuboten; Movimondo in Tearce municipality (Tearce, Lesok and other villages); Children's Aid Direct (CHAD) in Mateje (category 2 and 3) and Opae; Mercy Corps in Tetovo town and village of Selce; Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Sipkovica; German Red Cross in Ropalce and Slupcane, and ADRA in Tetovo region.

MCIC will work in Vratnica and on the road from Tearce to Vratnica, in Otlja, Matejce (category 1) and Radusa, while in Lopate in last few days the distribution of construction materials for the second group of 10 beneficiaries (total 18) is completed, while in Brnjarci distribution for 13 damaged houses was finished.

The houses with little damages would be in focus of all agencies (category 1 and 2) and eventually some of category 3, that myght be repaired before the winter.

The principle of the repairments is mostly self-help, where the agencies will distribute the materials, and the beneficiaries will do the repair.

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