The European Union will start the reconstruction of the houses in the Municipality of Tearce
Skopje, September 24th, 2001

The European Union announced the start of the reconstruction of damaged houses in the Municipality of Tearce, including the villages Tearce and Lesok. Houses categorised in categories 1-3 (small and non-structural damages) will be focused upon, though reconstruction of houses categorised in category 4 might start as well. The damage assessment team has already visited the locations on spot on Friday, September 21, and the works are expected to start this week. The action would then continue to the neighbouring villages: Neprosteno, Slatino, Dzepciste, Poroj, etc.

Before informing the UNHCR, which is responsible for coordination of the reconstruction activities, the European Union set information boards on the reconstruction in the villages of Lesok and Tearce, to the surprise of most of the foreign agencies.

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