Appeal: Support Peace with Humanitarian Aid

Guided by the foundations and the principles of humanity which are the basis for mutual understanding and joint action, believing in the right of access to humanitarian assistance as a basic human right, motivated by our concern for the deteriorating social and humanitarian situation in the country.

We, the representatives of nongovernmental organisations in Macedonia, are making the following appeal.


The humanitarian situation in Macedonia is gradually deteriorating. The number of persons displaced by conflict within the country is increasing, as is their need for shelter and basic humanitarian assistance. In part of the conflict-affected communities, there is a need of rehabilitation support in order to enable the process of return of internally displaced persons. Due to the conflict the number of communities who find themselves isolated and cut off from regular access to essential supplies is growing. In some communities chronical problems are now reaching emergency proportions. All over the country, the economic consequences of the crisis are being felt and the numbers of families turning to the State for humanitarian assistance grows daily. This complex humanitarian situation is worsening the current political and security situation within Macedonia.

There is an urgent need for substantial and rapid humanitarian assistance that reflects the needs of the population.

We feel that substantial and timely humanitarian aid will contribute to decreasing tensions and to strengthening the confidence of people in finding peaceful ways of resolving the current crisis.

Delays in providing basic humanitarian aid by the international community and directly linking this assistance to the on-going political negotiations in the country, are not contributing towards the mutual goal - achieving peace.

On the contrary, these delays of humanitarian aid are increasing the suffering of the civilian population, divisions and tensions are additionally growing, which is worsening the current political and security situation in the country.

We are opposed to any limitation placed upon the basic needs of people and we call on all parties to respect human rights, including the right to humanitarian aid, as the basis for a sustainable peace.

We are calling for neutrality and distribution of humanitarian aid regardless of the identity of persons or groups in need.

The aid should be adapted according to the culture and customs of the country, and should be of minimum quality in accordance with international humanitarian standards. We emphasise the need for using the local knowledge, capacities and goods in the humanitarian response to the crisis.

We are calling upon the international community, the Government and the NGOs to support the peace, among other actions, through strengthening the humanitarian assistance.

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