Reconstruction of houses in Aracinovo and Orlanci continues

Skopje, July 2  2002

The Greek non-governmental organization “European Prospective” is about to conclude the works concerning the reconstruction of damaged houses in the villages of Arachinovo and Orlanci, Skopje area.

So far, a total of 31 houses of 1st category, 91 of 2nd, 107 of third and one house of 4th category have been reconstructed in Arachinovo. In Orlanci, a total of four houses of 1st, 17 of 2nd and eight of 3rd category have been reconstructed. Until the end of July, three houses of 1st, 19 of 2nd, 32 of 3rd and 11 houses of 4th category will be reconstructed in Arachinovo. In Orlanci, the reconstruction of one house of 1st category shall be reconstructed.

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