Construction material distribution completed

Skopje, December 10th

The Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) on December 7 completed the construction material distribution for repair of the damaged houses in the crisis regions. On December 6 - 7, the last deliveries of construction materials for the villages of Radusa and Otlja have been completed.

In a three-month period, MCIC succeeded to distribute construction material assistance for 650 houses from first and second category, or a total of 3,000 persons. In addition, construction material has been distributed for 13 houses from first category in the village of Brnjarci; 18 houses (first category) in Lopate; 172 (first category) in Matejce; 6 houses in the Tetovo villages of Beloviste, Rogacevo and Prsovce (first and second category); 13 houses from first and one from second category in Bitola; 103 houses from first, 52 from second and 6 houses from third category in Otlja; and 226 houses from first and 57 houses from second category in Radusa.

The school repair activities in Matejce and Radusa are expected to be completed soon.

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