Workshop for rapid assessment of health condition in affected areas organized
Skopje, October 4th, 2001

A one-day workshop named "Rapid assessment of health condition in affected areas", organized by the Ministry of health and World Health Organization took place yesterday. The workshop was lead by Ph.D. Eric Doneli from Geneve. Representatives of health institutions in Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo took part in the seminar. Other international and non-government organizations were present, too: WHO, ICRC, UNICEF, Arte International, American Red Cross, as well as domestic MCIC and El Hilal.

In the morning session purposes and preparing for rapid assessment of health condition, planning and carrying out of assessment and presentation of results were discussed. Representatives of health institutions were separated in three groups (Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo) where already gathered information, analysis of available human resources and logistics for implementation of fast assessment were shared. In the afternoon session, representatives of health institutions filled the standard questionnaire of WHO and contributed with their remarks.

Owing to restricted access to some regions, with help of some domestic NGOs who already are present on the terrain, assessment of conditions of the health will be made possible. Teams will assess the institutions and services of primary health protection in medical centers/health centers and ambulanta. Assessment will be made in Skopje region (46 objects), Tetovo (31) and Kumanovo(21) in Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation will enable for a team of Kumanovo medical center to be able to make assessment of villages in Lipkovo region (Nikushtak, lipkovo, Slupchane, Matejche and Lojane). El Hilal and medical workers in Skopje will visit villages in Skopje, while ICRC, along with teams from Tetovo Medical Center will make assessments in Tetovo region.

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