Committee for repairs and reconstruction founded
Skopje, October 3rd, 2001

A Committee for repairs and reconstruction(CRIM) was founded in the Ministry of transport and communications today. Its members include the Ministry for transport and communications, European Union, US Embassy, UNHCR and agencies that will carry out the activities: Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, IRC, SNI (Shelter Now International), Mercy Corps and Movimondo.

The Committee will be a central body and will be responsible for the whole process of repairs and reconstruction of objects and roads, including identification od damaged regions and objects and their prioritizing, support of consistent development of aid programs, allocation of funds by regions, keeping track of progress of repairs/reconstruction, solving of disputable matters and reporting of accomplishments.

On the first meeting, members of the committee were elected, progress in assessment and started projects of repairs was reported (Movimondo in Leshok, MCIC in Lopate and Brnjarci).

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