Damaged objects repairing started
20th September 2001

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation started the activities within its repairing programme intended for objects (individual houses and public infrastructure) that suffered minor damages. The activities consist of provision of material for repairing the damages.

Firstly, the objects were categorised, then detailed assessment of the damages was carried out and finally the needed material for repairing was distributed. The repair works will be carried out by the beneficiaries themselves. This is the first case of repairing houses in Macedonia, and these activities will continue in the areas where there will be a need.

On September 19, MCIC started the first repairing works in the village of Lopate, where two trucks of construction material were distributed to eight beneficiaries, both for ethnic Macedonians (6) and for ethnic Albanians (2). A total of 20 houses are damaged in Lopate, two of which are completely destroyed, while the other suffered partial damages. All villagers, without exception, are proud of their joint life, which now should continue and be set as an example to follow.

The activities are carried out in coordination with the Coordination Body for Crises Management and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The assets are a donation of the Canadian Government / CIDA and were provided through a cooperation agreement with UNHCR. Wherever possible, MCIC will support the return of the displaced persons in various ways, such as: provision of humanitarian aid (food), provision of access and regular visits to the villages, as well as rehabilitation of livelihoods for those whose houses suffered damages.

Buliding material being unloaded
Damaged interior of a house
Unloading of building material
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