Internet Site Aid Macedonia
18th September 2001

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) starts its work on the Internet site Aid Macedonia to contribute to improvement of information on humanitarian aspects of the Macedonian crisis. The aim is to provide adequate information about: the needs for humanitarian aid; available and distributed aid (implemented humanitarian activities); as well as for the organizations involved in the humanitarian activities; and to make this information available to the relevant actors in humanitarian response of the crisis and to the general public.

Structure of the site Aid Macedonia

  • News: refers to new information on humanitarian need and aid, taken from daily newspapers or from activities of humanitarian organizations. In this part are also placed Stories and reports, which are based on the field visits and conversation with people, which are directly affected from the crisis.

  • Humanitarian information: Basic information related with the crisis (Number of registered IDPs, list of the villages in the crisis region and minutes from general coordination meetings) and also documents relevant for humanitarian work and position of displaced persons.

  • Aid: summary of humanitarian aid per sector (food, health, shelter, agriculture, education, watersuply and sanitation, psychosocial help, post crises rehabilitation)

  • Context: information and reports about security and political situation, as well as basic statistical information (ex. Population of RM by municipalities)

  • Organizations: lists of relevant actors included in humanitarian activities (Governmental institutions, local NGO's and international organizations)

  • Links: Internet links to to other organizations and media for additional information.

  • MCIC: Explanation for the site and short presentation of MCIC

  • ACT: Link to the site of the Action by Churches Together (ACT), network of international partners of MCIC
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