Crisis Management Body presents Action Plan

12 September 2001, Skopje

The Governmental Coordination Crisis Management Body presented an Action Plan for funding of priority projects on covering damages due to the conflict in Macedonia. The European Union granted Euro 30 million for this purpose and the European Commission should approve this.

Four priority projects have been proposed to the EU Commission that are necessary condition for returning of the displaced persons to their homes and for building the confidence among citizens in the crisis areas. Reconstruction of the power supply system in Aracinovo, Skopje and Kumanovo region will require Euro 4,6 million, out of which 2,6 in Aracinovo and 2 million euro in the Kumanovo region. The assessment for the Tetovo region and Skopska Crna Gora have not been done yet.

Also financial compensation to 9,000 families that provided shelter to the displaced persons will amount to Euro 5, 86 million, i.e. Euro 100 per family. About Euro 200,000 will be spent for accommodation of students, as dormitories are occupied by displaced persons. UNHCR will grant DM 100 per month to 1,800 students for the next three months.

The highest priority will be given to reconstruction and rehabilitation of destroyed houses in the crisis regions, where considering the current security situation, there have been chosen several villages where the reconstruction may be carried out, requiring 19,34 million euro. The first phase includes the villages of Skopje region - Aracinovo, Brnjarci, Luboten and settlement Ekonomija, in Tetovo region - Poroj, Djepciste, Neprosteno, Lesok and Tearce, and Kumanovo region - Lopate, Opae and Matejce. According to the assessments, a total of 1,350 houses are to be reconstructed. The activities have to end by December this year. Implementation agency of EU is carrying these activities.

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