Reconstruction of the school in Brnjarci

10th September 2001

In the frames of the "Macedonian crisis" program, MCIC began conducting activities that have as their aim to contribute to the renewal of life in the areas that were site of the several months constant armed conflicts in Macedonia.

The aim is to spur and help the process of return of the displaced persons in their homes, through provision of the necessary public functions in the populated areas the people are returning to. MCIC provides materials and expert persons for reparation of the damaged infrastructure objects and installations.

In this direction, the reconstruction of the school in the village of Brnjarci has been completed these days, which is situated one kilometer from the village Arachinovo.

During the military activities between the Macedonian security forces and the representatives of the so-called NLA 20 grenades fell on the village of Brnjarci. Several of these fell in the yard of the elementary school, completely destroying the entrance door and damaging several of the classrooms.

MCIC identified the damages and started the reconstruction of the school. The school building was one of the priorities because of the start of the school year.

The school performs education only until fourth grade and has only one teacher engaged. "Besides the entrance door", stated the teacher Cana, "all broken windows are replaced and the wooden parts of the doors and windows has been painted, the walls of the classrooms and other rooms of the school are painted so that now we can perform lectures normally. The Ministry also promised to provide us with new desks and chairs for the children".

For now, the school is not attended by all children, because a part of them and their parents are still outside the village. However, the villagers of Brnjarci hope that their neighbors will return back to their homes.

The shelled wall of the school in Brnjarci
The empty classroom
Classroom after repairs
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