National Humanitarian Coordination no. 25


25th Co-ordination Meeting
21st March 2002


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview/update by representative of the Presidentís Cabinet
3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC 4.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
5.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
6.Update on local NGOsí activities (Union of womenís organisation of the Republic of Macedonia, El Hilal)
7.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)

1.Overview/update by the Chairman
Mr. Cadinovski informed the group regarding the meeting held the day before between the representatives of OSCE, EUMM, TFF, mayors of Lipkovo and Kumanovo, and the leader of the Serbian IDPs from the village of Matejce. At that meeting it was agreed upon a visit to the village of Matejce, to be organised at Saturday at 11h. UNHCR was asked by the CMC to provide 4 buses for the transportation of IDPs. UNHCR will tonight give the answer at the regular CMCís meeting.

If this visit goes well, then in future UNHCR will be asked to organise regular transport on a daily basis (two buses) to meet the needs of the IDPs visiting the village. This initiative is very positive and contributes to the confidence building efforts.

The Chairman appealed to MRC to assist IDP farmers that are still not back in their places of origin, and yet had not been eligible for the IDP status at the last re-registration exercise.

The group was informed that a booklet named "And what is that; Framework Agreement?" designed for the children in elementary schools, will be printed in Macedonian, Albanian, and English languages. The aim of the booklet is to explain what the framework agreement means and highlight the need for confidence building measures.

2.Overview/update by representative of the Presidentís Cabinet
Today a demonstration was held at the main square in the centre of Skopje, for the promotion of the message for peace, initiated by the Presidentís cabinet. This initiative was supported by different international and local NGOs and womenís organisations.

Presidentís cabinet received requests from the villagers of the villages in the Skopska Crna Gora (Tanusevci, Brest, & Malino Malo) for organisation of a convoy to visit their homes.

3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
ICRC informed the group that the food distribution to IDPs in collective centres is finailesd for this month. Food distribution for the resident population in the Gornorekanska area, Gostivar, is planned for the next week.

4.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
UNHCR said that the firewood distribution had been completed. Technical and social assessments of 614 Cat 1 and 2 houses are being completed. Distribution of shelter materials is planned to begin this week. The 2nd phase is planned to start in May, during which an additional 600 Cat 1 and 2 houses will be repaired. Regarding the QIPs, the selection committee has already approved 11 projects.

UNHCR is always trying to purchase shelter materials for Macedonian companies and producers, as long as they offer competitive prices in comparison with the foreign producers and companies.

UNDP informed the meeting that they would rehabilitate the water supply system of the Centre "Titovi Pioneri" in Dojran.

5.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
UNICEF continues with the second phase of furniture distribution for schools in the conflict-affected regions that soon will be completed. UNICEF will start a conflict resolution pilot project in the Pioneer House in Tetovo.

WHO together with representatives from the Ministry of Health visited the ambulanta in Radusa.

Ministries of health asked for minor interventions to be done in the ambulanta in order technical assessment and allowance for medical practice to be issued, immediately after.

WHO has ordered the necessary equipment for this ambulanta as well for the other three ambulantas in the villages of Matejce, Nikustak and Slupcane (rehabilitated by Solidarites) in which in ten days times American Red Cross teams will start to provide primary health care.

FAO informed that the animal feed distribution was completed. Underway are the preparations for distribution of maize in Tetovo and Gostivar region, as well as distribution of potatoes in Kumanovo and Skopje regions.

6.Update on local NGOsí activities (Union of Womenís Organisation of the Republic of Macedonia, El Hilal)
El Hilal and the Union of womenís organisation of the Republic of Macedonia, applauded the peace message initiated by the Presidentís cabinet, emphasising that the in future all local NGOs (Macedonian and Albanian) should work together and assist all people in need, regardless their nationality.

El Hilal is expecting a shipment of school furniture, and shipment of food and clothing, donation from the Albanians living in Vienna. Macedonian Red Cross was asked to check what is happening in its Tetovo branch, as El Hilal received IDPsí complains regarding the distribution of humanitarian assistance.

Union of Womenís Organisation of the Republic of Macedonia, stressed that now it is needed all efforts to be put in the IDP return, and confidence building measures.

It is necessary to work with the IDPs still remaining in the collective centres and in host families, to find out what are the impediments for return and how to overcome them.

One should bare in mind that though the houses of the returnees are rehabilitated, yet they have no furnishings (either stolen or burned) and people should be assisted with this too.

7.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)
International NGO Council said that as a result of the transitional process new sector was introduced-Recovery/Small businesses, that had its first meeting today.


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