National Humanitarian Coordination no. 20


20th Co-ordination Meeting
10th January 2002


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview/update from the President’s Cabinet
3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC 4.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
5.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
6.Update on local NGOs’ activities (MCIC, El Hilal)
7.Update on international NGOs’ activities (International NGO Council)

1.Overview/update by the Chair
Mr. Cadinovski informed the meeting that CMC’s representatives, Colonel Laze Oncevski and Mayor Trajkov Mitre would brief the group on CMC activities.

The Chair emphasized that in the past two weeks lot of IDPs hosted in families complained that no food, winter clothing, or firewood was distributed to them.

All agencies were asked to enhance their winterization activities and share information to co-ordinate better.

Ministry of Health informed the group that they had good collaboration with WHO so far with the hope to continue the collaboration in the New Year too.

Ministry of Trade emphasized that it is necessary to assist IDPs but also to provide assistance for the conflict affected residence.

2.Overview/update CMC
In spite of the difficulties, the police redeployment is ongoing as planned. Yet what is missing in the sense of overall co-ordination and identification of gaps, is information on distributions and agencies’ activities in the field. All present agencies were asked to submit info on a weekly basis to the CMC.

3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
ICRC informed the group that the first food distribution for affected people in Skopje region that did not meet IDP criteria had started. This closed programme will assist 4,000 affected people in Tetovo and Skopje regions that did not meet IDP criteria but faced continued difficulties, for the period January-March. Food distribution for IDPs in CCs will start this week.

ICRC reminded the meeting on ECHO’s funded programme for food distribution to conflict affected population (implementing partner-AAH). This programme is a needs based one, and a constant evaluation of the food needs based on already established criteria, as well of the distribution aid will be done. With this programme 20,000 persons from 45 villages of the conflict affected areas will be covered this month.

Last week ICRC’s teams visited the villages of Slupcane and Jazince, where some cases of scabies were noticed. Medicines and hygiene parcels were distributed.

MRC continues with the re-registration and the number of newly registered IDP is not significant, as most of IDPs have regulated their status. There are some doubtful cases that will be solved additionally.

4.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
OCHA informed the meeting that all sector meetings, as well as Inter-Agency one, would resume this week where more detailed sector information can be obtained. All sector meetings will be held bi-weekly. The WES co-ordination is still an open question.

OCHA together with the NGO Council is preparing a database regarding the humanitarian agencies and their activities. Also a contingency plan has been prepared.

5.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
UNHCR informed the group that the rehabilitation of more then 1,500 houses cat. I & II had been completed. The collaboration with EAR and CRIM in assessing the further needs for reconstruction will continue too. Phase I of the QIPs is finished and the second phase will start this year. 2002 QIPs will be supporting communities and their economical and social recovery.

All interested agencies are welcomed to submit proposals.

Firewood distribution is ongoing, but bad weather and road conditions, delayed it. So far more than 10,000m³ firewood were distributed. Underwear distribution for the especially vulnerable IDPs, refugees and conflict-affected population is ongoing.

UNICEF informed the group that they distributed 20,000 textbooks; 40,000 school bags; 6,500 desks; 1,300 chairs; 1,200 blackboards; 1,800 sets of winter clothing to all IDP and refugee children hosted in CCs. Distribution of the winter clothing for children hosted in institutions will be finalized today.

UNDP completed the rehabilitation of the heating systems in three out of the four committed CCs. UNDP signed an agreement with the Macedonian Government for water supply improvement project for city of Kumanovo.

UNMAO noted that one representative from the Civil Protection Department, Ministry of Defense will be sent on 6 week training for mine information officer. On 15 march, 18 members of the Civil Protection Department, Ministry of Defence, will go on de-mine training .

WHO continues with its regular activities. In collaboration with IRC they are providing Primary Health Care services to the IDPs and returnees in Aracinovo and Kumanovo, as well as essential drugs in pharmacies in Skopje and Kumanovo.

6.Update on local NGOs’ activities (MCIC)
MCIC informed the meeting that most of the local NGOs’ activities had been decreased and next week the local NGO co-ordination meeting will resume.

El Hilal presented a brief report on last year’s activities, emphasizing that in the future they will also put their efforts into finding funds for humanitarian activities and assist people in need.

And in that sense the information exchange and overall humanitarian coordination is necessary to be continued in 2002.

7.Update on international NGOs’ activities (International NGO Council)
David Mayo, the secretary of the International NGO Council, said that in co-ordination with OCHA, a database on who is doing what will be developed. The NGO council already started to gather information from the International NGOs.

SDR noted it had formalized it 2001 Cash for Shelter Project, but is waiting for the final report from the Macedonian Post. SDR informed the group that the Cash for Shelter project reached a total of 3,120 beneficiaries, who were hosting IDPs; 1,611 received MKD 6,600 and 1, 509 families received MKD 8,800 for the three and four months’ periods, respectively.

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