National Humanitarian Coordination no. 19


19th Co-ordination Meeting
20th December 2001


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview/update from the President’s Cabinet
3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
4.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
5.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
6.Update on local NGOs’ activities (MCIC)
7.Update on international NGOs’ activities (International NGO Council)
8.Overview of the current winterization activities (winter clothing, heating, firewood distribution) and gaps

1.Overview/update by the Chair
Mr. Cadinovski informed the meeting that new Co-ordinator of the Crisis Management Body Gen. Aleksandar Dončev, expressed his support for this co-ordination meeting and will try in the future to attend it.

Some of the planned distributions of firewood and winter clothing were conducted, but still winter clothing hasn’t been distributed to the IDP children hosted in CCs. All agencies were asked to enhance their winterization activities.

The Chair informed the meeting that government signed an agreement with the European Agency for Reconstruction for financial assistance of the host families. Each host family will receive DEM 150 per month for the period of December-May. There will be two instalments, one in March for December-February and another one in June for the period of March-May.

2.Overview/update from the President’s Cabinet
Though the security situation has improved, nevertheless the president has contacts with the signatory parties of the Framework Agreement, on a daily basis, to enhance the implementation process. Gratitude was expressed to all humanitarian Local and International Organisations, as well as to the UN Country Team for their humanitarian relief contribution with hope for successful collaboration in the year to come, too.

3.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
MRC informed the meeting that the process of re-registration will continue on 21/12/01 by the already established criteria, while the replacement of the old cards with new ones (yellow for IDPs in CCs, and white for IDPs in host families) will last until 31/12/01.

No bigger changes are expected in the number of IDPs and all IDPs’ data is available from the MRC’s central database. All organisations in need of the IDP data were asked to forward their requests either through the sector co-ordination meetings or through OCHA, to better co-ordinate.

ICRC will continue the regular food distribution for IDPs in CCs, while InterSos will distribute food to IDPs in host families. AAH will distribute food to conflict affected population, based on needs. IFRC and American Red Cross will also continue distribution of hygiene and baby parcels. ICRC informed that at the end of January 2002 would start a 3-month food distribution (January-March) for 4,000 affected people in Tetovo and Skopje regions who did not meet IDP criteria but faced continue difficulties.

MRC this month distributed blankets and bad sheets, donation from the Belgian Red Cross, in the CCs most in need. Macedonians living in Australia will provide New Year’s packages for all IDP children in CCs, while the factory for the production of chocolate and sweets, EVROPA, will distribute sweets to all CCs on 31/12/01.

4.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
UNICEF informed the meeting that most of the WES activities were postponed as a result of the bad weather conditions. Ministry of transport and communication send an official request to UNICEF, asking for the co-ordination of the WES sector to continue next year.

UNICEF started with the implementation of the peace building programme in the schools in Tetovo, Gostivar, Kumanovo, Ljubanci, and Ljuboten.

WHO continues with its regular activities, implementation of the TB and mental health projects, as well as with the humanitarian relief activities too.

UNDP singed an agreement with the Macedonian Government for water supply improvement project for city of Kumanovo.

ECHO said that 15% from the total budget of Ď 5,000,000 were spent on humanitarian relief activities. It will continue with its food distribution programme for IDPs in host families (implementing partner-InterSos) as well as with the food distribution to conflict affected population (implementing partner-AAH). This last programme is a need based one, and a constant evaluation of the food needs based on already established criteria, as well of the distribution aid will be done. With this programme 20,000 persons from 45 villages of the conflict affected areas will be covered this month. The last shipment of Feta chess was distributed in the CCs most in need. The distribution of the hygiene parcels (IFRC) is on going, as well as the distribution of animal feed.

With regard to reconstruction and rehabilitation of the schools and ambulantas in the conflict affected regions, ECHO informed the meeting that it already undertook repair activities in 6 schools and 4 ambulantas, emphasizing the excellent collaboration with UNICEF and WHO in the prioritization process. However one should bear on mind that there are more than 20 ambulantas and 66 schools not directly impacted by the conflict, but still in need of rehabilitation. For that reason the already existing database should be updated and list of priorities prepared to easy the selection for the potential donors.

ECHO will continue with the food distribution as long as there is a need for. Next year a support to the development of the agriculture sector will be also given.

5.Update on UN activities (OCHA)
Informed the meeting that UNMAS had a confirmation from the ITF that four de-mining teams will continue to work next year, too. A request was send to Ms. Dimovska for complementary teams to be provided by CARE and Handicap International.

All sector meetings are now held each second week. In January the UN Country team will work on a document referring to the transition from the emergency to development. This document should be finished by the end of January.

6.Update on local NGOs’ activities (MCIC)
MCIC informed the meeting that most of the local NGOs’ activities had been decreased.

MCIC completed the repairs on 650 houses cat. I & II, and 80% of the works needed to be done in schools in Matejče and Raduša. The repairs of ambulanta in village of Otlja, will be finished soon. So far MCIC had distributed 250t of animal feed in Tetovo and Lipkovo areas.

7.Update on international NGOs’ activities (International NGO Council)
David Mayo, the secretary of the International NGO Council, said that in co-ordination with OCHA, a database on who is doing what will be developed, as well as improving structures for handling field appeals.

8.Overview of the current winterization activities (winter clothing, heating, firewood distribution) and gaps, overview of the education activities

UNDP informed that out of 4 CCs that were taken as commitment, in 3 the heating systems repairs are due to be finished soon, while for the last one there will be a delay due to the weather conditions.

UNICEF said that the Ministry of Education announced that the winter holidays would start on 28/12/01 and last until 15/01/02. The textbook distribution is on going with the textbooks that were recently printed. School furniture was distributed in seven schools, and in the second semester furniture and stoves will be distributed in 85 schools.

Some of the schools that are not connected on the central heating system had problems with the heating and children were dismissed in the elementary schools Lirija, 25 May, and some other.

Ministries of Finance and Education are working closely to solve this issue.

Because of the weather conditions, the rehabilitation of the new school in Arachinovo was slowed down. Also because of the same reason the containers equipped with furniture have not been delivered to Nikuštak.

Regarding the winter clothing distribution for all IDP children hosted in CCs, it will be completed in the next days. The delay is due to a problem with the winter jackets’ supplier.


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