24 meeting of  NGO Coordination


of the 24nd meeting
Skopje, June 4th 2002


Dilevska Tomka – SOZM; Nazir Husein –Tetovo Coordination Body; Dilbera Kamberovska – Daja; Guner Nebiu - SAZM; Bajram Sulejmani – Natira; Vegim Etemi - El Hilal; Ahmet Jasarevski - DROM; Rahmani Memedali - Mesecina; Dragi Zmijanac - PDAS "Medjasi"; Aleksandar Krcalovski, Gramoz Shabani – MCIC.

Klasje na dobrinata, Milosrdie, OOZM.

The meeting was chaired by Vegim Etemi, El Hilal.

The following


Was adopted at the meeting.

Report from the 23 meeting of the NGO coordination

1.Informative part
- Report from the 29 meeting of the NHC.
- Reports from the organizations for the realized activities.
2. Questions, problems, needs.

Ad. 1.

R. Memedali from Mesecina stressed that the reports from the meetings of the NHC ought to be distributed.

The organizations submitted brief oral reports for their activities.

A. Krzalovski from the MCIC reported on the reconstruction of the damaged houses. He said that according to the UNHCR, additional funds are needed for reconstruction of 900 houses that suffered damage from third and fourth category. So far, ten from the needed €16 million have been announced.

Dragi Zmijanac from Medjasi said that last year they provided summer vacations for 200 children, of whom 50 from the crisis-impacted areas. This year also, summer vacations will be organized for children of single mothers, displaced persons etc. He stressed that the displaced persons who are accommodated in their center refuse to return to Aracinovo. He reported that on Friday, June 7, 2002, the "Zora" association would organize a roundtable on topic: "Victims of terror - hostages of the politics."

Bajram Sulejmani from Natira said that they were carrying out a re-registration of the displaced persons from the Kumanovo area. He stressed that crucial for the trust-building was the reconstruction of the houses of the Albanian population from Matejce that suffered damage from third and fourth category to start.

Nazir Husein from the Coordination Body of Tetovo reported that the project for employment continues. At this moment, nine women (IDPs) are working as sewers, and nine more are to be hired. He said that in the Tetovo municipality of Drenovec the houses that suffered damage from third and fourth category have not been repaired yet. As he said, they have lobbied to the Mercy Corps, the Movimondo and DRC, however they did not receive an answer. He said that the Coordination Body from Tetovo together with Mercy Corps have organized a seminar for the interethnic trust.

Rahmani Memedali from Mesecina said that the focus group of the organization were the social and marginalized groups. They have also developed several problems concerning the infrastructure in the communities populated with Roma population. The MCIC has already showed interest for one of these projects. He said that he had also sent a letter to the IOM, , asking them to sent him a reply.

Tomka Dilevska from SOZM reported on the project from the Stability Pact, "The role of the women in the post-conflict period - peace-building." As she said, a meeting between the women-Macedonian and women-Albanian was organized in Tearce. At the collective center in Suto Orizari, they organized a meeting for the Roma-women - refugees from Kosovo.

Ahmet Jasarevski from DROM said that after July 10 the reconstruction of a school in Kumanovo would start in cooperation with UNHCR.

Ad. 2.

Rahmani Memedali from Mesecina said that a lot of money were invested in development of coordination networks, which are used for collecting and not for giving information (example: Council of International Organizations.) He asked for a meeting with the foreign NGOs, as well as with UNHCR and IOM, so they could explain what they do. He also suggested organizing of a joint press conference where there problems in the communication with the international NGOs would be presented.

Dragi Zmijanac from Medjasi said that such a press conference could have a negative impact for the NGO coordination. He asked if a text with minor criticism could be published, or a lobby group to be developed that would directly communicate about the problems.

Aleksandar Krzalovski from the MCIC said that he was trying for some time to obtain information about what the foreign NGOs are doing at the moment. As he said, a meeting with the IOM could be schedulled or a letter to be sent to certain NGOs.


MCIC will organize a meeting with international representatives in the country: NGO Council, IOM and UNHCR.

The next meeting will be held at the end of June.


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