May 27 - June 9, 2002

Skopje, June 10th, 2002

Security and political situation

The first phase from the police redeployment in the crisis regions close to the end.
According to the general plan for police redeployment the police is to enter in three more villages in the Skopje area and in eight more in the Kumanovo area. On May 27, the ethnically mixed police patrols started to patrol in five of the remaining eight Kumanovo villages: Strima, Dumanovce, Lukare, Gosince and Izvor.

Thirteen buildings in Tetovo area damaged.
On May 30, a bomb was thrown in front of a dental clinic, owned by ethnic Albanian, in Tetovo. The explosion caused huge damage on 13 buildings.

One bomb exploded, two more discovered.
 On June 2, a bomb exploded in the monastery complex "St. Bogorodica" in the village of Matejce near Kumanovo. Two more grenades were later discovered near the monastery.

Protest of the displaced persons.
On June 8, the displaced citizens from Aracinovo, Tetovo area and Matejce held a protest in front of the government. The displaced persons demanded their status to be resolved. Previously a debate on topic "Victims of terror - hostages of the politics", organized by the Association of forcefully displaced citizens from Aracinovo "Zora" took place.

Declaration for the situation at the northern border adopted.
On May 29, the Macedonian Parliament, with 68 votes in favor and with no presence of the MPs - Albanians, adopted the declaration for the situation at the northern border, which represents a condemnation of the Resolution adopted by the Kosovo parliament.

Ali Ahmeti, leader of the new party of the Albanians in Macedonia.
On June 5 in Tetovo, the new party of the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia - the democratic Union for Integration, was established. Its leader is the former political leader of the NLA, Ali Ahmeti. The party is mainly composed of former representatives of the NLA, as well as two current MPs from the PDP.


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