May 20 - May 26 2002

Skopje, May 27th, 2002

Security and political situation

ARM watchtower attacked. On May 22, the "Straza" watchtower of the Macedonian Army located in the borderline between Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo was attacked by an armed group. Non of the border guards was wounded. On May 26 in the area near the "Tanusevci" watchtower, an unidentified armed group attacked a convoy of ARM vehicles. The attack was carried out with three missiles fired from a rocket launcher.
The course for underofficers - ethnic Albanians in the ARM starts. At the military barracks in Ohrid, the first basic course for underofficers - commanders of infantry squads officially started. This course will be attended by 60 cadets - ethnic Albanians. The course, according to the Framework Agreement, is organized in order enhance the ethnic structure of the professional composition in the Army.
The Kosovo parliament resolution denounced. On May 23, the Kosovo parliament adopted a resolution for non-recognition of the border agreement made between the Republic of Macedonia and the FR Yugoslavia. Kosovo civic administrator Michael Steiner denounced this declaration. The Macedonian government assessed the resolution of the Kosovo parliament as dangerous for the stability of the region.


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