Infrastructure/Rehabilitation Coordination Meeting

Sectoral Co-ordination Meeting on

Friday, June 21st, 2002


1.Funding status for category 3 and 4 houses - ( Introduction by UNHCR)Specific updates:
European Agency for Reconstrucion ( EAR)
International Management Group ( IMG)
Embassy of Austria ( Hubert Neuwirth)
2. Latest housing gap, analysis and priority setting- ( UNHCR)
3. Update on Community Based Development Project- ( World Bank); Update on Post Conflict Grant-(Rajna Cemrska- World Bank)
4. Infrastructure QIPs: Update- ( CRS)
5) Schools: Update- ( Introduction by UNICEF)
Specific updates:
-Embassy of Switzerland- School Rehabilitation Programme6) Health Facilities: Update ( WHO)7) Water and Sanitation: Update- ( UNDP)8) IMG: Distribution of updates and status of data entry- ( IMG)
9) Shelter:
-Progress of repair and reconstruction programmes ( IMG)
- Progress

Funding status for category 3 and 4 houses- UNHCR
It was reported during the 21st June CRIM meeting that 2.5 million EUROS had been approved by the Dutch Government and that the technical assessment had begun. An additional 6 million in pipeline has been approved and will be operational starting from August onwards. The reconstruction of the School in Matejche and Lukare is at a good stage of progress. A German proposal for pipeline is 500 Euros. The Italian funded a water supply project in Arachinovo.

All participants approved of the prioritization of the villages as shown in the "priority rating" matrix.

Embassy of Austria
It was emphasized that reconstruction constituted an overriding priority for the EU. On the other hand, seasonal houses were not deemed to be a priority.

A new dimension was added : if seasonal houses are not reconstructed, ethnic polarization will be favoured and hence undermine integration. Seasonal houses are important and should be distinguished from weekend houses.

A time line priority was deemed to be essential. Thus 2 and 3 would be addressed but priority 1 will be addressed first. Nevertheless, it is important to stress that priority 2 and 3 will not be omitted. The finance gap is estimated to be at $ 5 million. Within priority 1, it has been suggested that mountainous villages should be the first target as snow will render access to these regions more difficult.

The UNHCR is almost phasing out. At the end of July 90% of all activities will have been completed. 3 areas will be demined, Strima, Malina Maala. The coordination ? will be handed over next week. The QIPs will be finalized by the end of next week . The UNHCR will be out of the shelter sector.

It was reiterated that polarization should be avoided. The following questions were raised:

How should information be collected? How should we come up with figures for the EU? Should priority be given to a minority group living in a majority area? Should priority be given to minority seasonal houses? Are all priorities covered? Should the needs of IDPs be prioritized?

The EU wants to get funding with 1 month for the gap intervention. (8000 Euros has been mentioned for Category 3). It is estimated that 50% will potentially return if shelter is provided. Nevertheless what has been given is a rough estimate of the funding gap, as there is no time for collating accurate data for the EU. Bilateral funding is also expected from other Embassies possible. 3.6 million from EAR or more is expected.

UNICEF: Schools update
The completion of the rehabilitation of school in Goshince and Brest is expected by the end of next week. World Vision are expected a written confirmation of the donors for the rehabilitation of schools in Runica, Alashevce, Slupchane and have expressed interest in rehabilisation of the school in Lukare.

Health facilities: Update- WHO
IRC have health centres in Grushino, Brest, and Malina Maala. The UNHCR offers assistance with furniture. The medical equipment arrived after a two-month waiting period and will be distributed on Monday. Furniture equipment will be delivered. WHO in collaboration with America Red Cross will work on vaccines. Moreover, the ambulata will be reconstructed.

2 million $ of project has been allocated for infrastructure as well as community-identified projects implemented by municipalities or citizen group. A grant proposal is expected to be proposed. For school projects or complementary funding for group one can contact IOM.

An additional water supply will be installed in Kumanovo. A contract will be made and implementation will be made next month. Furthermore two additional water supply will be installed in Tetovo and Strachevo.

Community-based programmes are being implemented throughout the county. Received projects Smaller within municipalities and still in phases of assessment. Chucher Sandevo, Debar ( water tanks ), Tetovo ( sewage branches) Bervenca: Water tanks: Gostivar: sewage system, 2 water systems; Kratovo and Prilep: sewage for part of the town which is not covered. For fuller overview of smaller projects see overview.

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