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Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) is a non-governmental and non-profitable organisation, which is active in the field of development, rehabilitation and humanitarian assistance in Macedonia.

MCIC was founded in 1993. MCIC's objective is development of human resources in Macedonia.

On long term, MCIC inclines to peace promotion; further development of civic society; aid to groups in need.

MCIC's sectors of activities

  • watersupply and sanitation;
  • rural development;
  • health and education;
  • employment and income generation;
  • civic society and democratisation;
  • humanitarian assistance.

MCIC's instruments

  • support of projects (grants)
  • training and consulting;
  • information;
  • advocacy and lobbying.

MCIC's achievements in the period 1994-1999 In the period 1994-1999, MCIC supported 501 projects, 471 of which were realised in Macedonia, with an approximate value of one billion and two hundred million Denars (about 40 million German Marks).

Watersupply and sanitation

MCIC supported 165 projects for watersupply and sanitation in villages in Macedonia, with a pproximately 126.000 inhabitants.

Health and education

MCIC supported over 70 projects,involving many women's and Roma NGOs,which started activities for stimulation of education of youth, especially in rural and suburban areas, as well as among nationalities.

Emergency assistance

MCIC was among the first to assist the refugees at no-men's land near the Blace border crossing at the beginning of the Kosovo crisis. MCIC supported two refugee camps (Radusa and Cegrane), distributed food and hygienic products to 26.000 refugees or app. 16% of the refugees staying with host families, as well as to 24.000 social cases from the country.


MCIC is founder and manager of the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF), which provided 250 million Denars for loans for micro and small enterprises, with the support of the Dutch Government.

Civil Society and Democracy

MCIC has supported more then 150 NGOs, about 600 hundred activists and is the publisher of the NGO-Bulletin and the NGO-Address Book.

In 1999, MCIC organised the "Whole is when there is everything" campaign for cultural understanding and tolerance.

International Programmes

MCIC in 1999 started activities out of Macedonia with the programme "Restoration of Livelihood in Kosovo".


MCIC's achievements would not have been possible without an excellent co-operation with local NGOs, churches and religious organisations, Government and public administration and, especially, local self-government.

MCIC provides assets from the country and from several partners abroad, agencies from the World Council of Churches and other agencies, as well as from other governmental and international organisations.

Consortium for Macedonia

  • ICCO Interchurch Organisation for
    Development Co-operation,
    the Netherlands
  • DCA Danchurch Aid, Denmark
  • CORDAID, the Netherlands
  • CAID Christian Aid, Great Britain
  • ED(UCN/ICCO) Europe Desk, the Netherlands
  • DIA Dutch Interchurch Aid
  • HEKS Swiss Interchurch Aid

    Other NGO's

  • DW Diakonisches Werk, Germany
  • Caritas Germany
  • Norwegian Church Aid

    Governmental and Intergovernmental Organisation

  • Ministry for foreign affairs of the Netherlands
  • PHARE LIEN programme
  • PHARE Partnership programme
  • ECHO European Commission Humanitarian Office
  • DANIDA Denmark

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